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Recent posts by Aviyah Treves

Thanks su ba for a detailed answer so, I'll see when I get there...
In the meantime,  what are the best conditions for these crops?
4 years ago
How to grow Watermelon and other earth fruits (tomatoes, melons, sweet corn) in the wet tropics?
(Probably it will be in Ecuador)

Is a mounted/raised bed with Mulch would be enough?

4 years ago
Thanks so much su ba.
So Clover is hard to pull from the ground? Even if just to plant some seed for a tree once?

4 years ago

amarynth leroux wrote:

Grass is getting a lot taller than the groundcover I mentioned, and need chopping,  right?

I don't want something to takeoff completely,  just something I can pull with the roots quite easily when I plant fruit trees.
4 years ago
Thanks Hans,
I'm not looking for an edible groundcover,  just something with the properties that I mentioned,  thanks anyway
4 years ago
I've heard that:
Lychee, oranges and Pomelo like a bit of cold.
And, that Akee likes a bit of dryness.

I want to start a fruit forest in the wet tropics of Ecuador or in that area. With night Avg. Temp of min. 22 celsius (70 F)

Can I grow those fruit trees and enjoy their fruits?
I love those fruits. Would appreciate answers
4 years ago
I heard Mango likes semi dry climate, yet I've seen Mangoes also in the wet tropics.

What varieties do well in the wet tropics like in Ecuador?

4 years ago
Hi all.

I'm researching and planning my future fruit forest in the wet tropics.

Looking for information about properties for Pioneer and fruit trees.

Life span,size of plant (radius and height of mature tree, rate of growth,
Invasiveness, if good for timber)

Inga bean (fruit), tamarind (fruit),pongamia, cassia, sesbania, tipuana tipu, White Cedar (timber, resistance to termites), gliricidia, calliandra, acacia, albizia,leucaena

Bunchosia, +Tamarillo
+Panama berry, Acerola,  MiracleFruit, BrazilianCherry, Grumichama
+Jaboticaba , gooseberry. Guava

Rollinia+. +Guanabana. Sweetsop. Atemoya. Kepel  

+Abiu+. +Caimito+, +Sapodilla, +Mamey Sapote. Canistel

+Casimiroa, +Black Sapote.

+Pomelo(need cold?). Lemonade.
+Rambutan+,+Pulasan+, +Akee(?), +Lychee(need Cold)+, +Longan(need Cold)+,F. Longan                                                  +Jackfruit+. +ChempaJack+. +Marang+. +Chempedak(MLY)+.

+Mangosteen+. Achacha
+Mango+, +Maprang

4 years ago
I'm doing a research and planning for my future fruit forest.
I'm looking for ground covers.
So far I've found: Sweet potatoes, clover, Peanut and lucerne.

Properties I'm looking for:
Short as possible.
Soft and pleasant to lie down on (naked)
Nutritious to the soil.
Can be taken out easily when wanting to plant something else.
Doesn't need much caring.

I think that's about it. Hope didn't forget anything.

4 years ago