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This farm was created by Clovis Hebert and Bencharat Hebert as a sustainable lifestyle project on December 3, 2015. It is located in Phukamyao District of Phayao Province of Thailand.
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Recent posts by clovis hebert

R Ranson wrote:Something else to think about in regards to space: you don't have to kid every year unless you need the meet.  A well cared for goat (girl goat) will provide milk for years before needing to be freshened again.  My number one goat guru goes an average of 4 years between freshening, but has had girls provide milk for more than 8 years before she (my guru) decided that she (her goat) had reached retirement age and got moved to the extra-special-pampered-old-goat flock she has.  

Please share your method of achieving milk without breeding and kidding! I can hardly wait to hear this. My production has dropped from 10 liters to 3 liters per day for 5 does.
Keep up with your research. Looks like some good advice here. I would say, you are going way to fast in considering so many different animals with little to no skills. Forget cows and pigs. Stick with goats. Mesh fence. No electric. 2" posts in cement. Strong gates for bucks. Separate buck from does at all times except when breeding. Chickens and goats should not be housed together. Dwarfs don't necessarily make better cheese. Artisans make good cheese with what they have. It takes 2 gallon of milk to make a 1 pound wheel.  One goat will produce about 1 liter per milking at peak production. Milk goats twice a day until they drop production. Consistent timings are important. 12 hours between is not important. Do not pasteurize milk for cheese making.

I could go on and on but you have a lot of other material to read.
Keep your herd closed. Bucks don't stink. They have an odor. If you don't like the smell, bathe them. It's a dwarf. How hard could it be? My 80 kg buck enjoys a bath.

Kate Michaud wrote:I have had goats now for 16 years, and have learned a thing or two.

6.  You don't need a Billy to keep the milk coming.  I had two Nannies that I milked continuously for eight years without Kidding, this had much to do with husbandry practices I developed (if anyone wants to know what the practices are I'll happy to share).


Yes please explain!

paul wheaton wrote:I met a fella the other day that was excited to raise goats.

I think heaps of folks are charmed by goats and might not know the downsides.  So I thought I should start a list of the downsides so these folks can be aware

Anybody have anything else to add?

Sorry I have nothing to add and your reasons against are rubbish! That's as nicely as I can put it.

We've been raising goats since last December. Cuteness was not a decision factor. We've gone from 6 to 14, sold two young bucks and breeding for next season now. Since this forum is against raising goats I don't see much point in adding my 2ยข. The first 2 posts are enough to send me off. If anyone is looking FOR reasons to raise I can personally debunk all reasons posted here. Send me your personal messages.