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Recent posts by Rachel McCarty

For gardening I tend to weed in squatting position, and love using both hori hori and my favorite Red Rooster sickle (so handy for so many uses!). I also love my Felco clippers for many jobs and Corona hand saw. Recently a friend gifted me a Cobrahead hoe, and it is really wonderful for precision weeding and cultivating. I used to it mix in manure to my garden beds. My other most-used tool is the hard rake.
3 months ago
They do take up space, but I liked using my mom's for quickly baking sweet potatoes or salmon, or she would often halve avocados and bake cheesy eggs inside.
This gadget is handy like having a quick mini-oven, yet it's loud when operating and bulky on the counter.
3 months ago
We are loving the mulberries and serviceberries right now in MO! Also nettles are a favorite for cooked greens and dried for tea year round.
5 months ago
I've heard aronia does not get eaten by deer and they make very nice berries, very nutrient-rich.
5 months ago
I give them copper boluses about twice a year and free choice Redmond's trace minerals. Also selenium and probiotic paste about once a month.
Haven't given kelp - that is a very good idea. I will get some soon. Mixed up some herbal garlicy stuff for them yesterday to help.  
I've never experienced my goats coughing like this. I'm very unfamiliar with lungworm and worried about it.
I've got 3 pregnant does, the older 2 have been coughing for weeks with mucous in their nostrils.
I'm just realizing it's likely lung worms. They've been treated with Ivermectin already this Spring. First time using chemical wormer on them. They're on good forage and getting moved around. Due to kid in 3 weeks. What are some suggestions for treating this lung worm? Preferably natural and most effective.
I've not seen one like that before. Looks great! Have you ever tried a Silky saw? It's not foldable, but is a wonderful hand saw that cuts with ease. I really like it.
Right now I'm using a 15" Corona to cut down eastern red cedars for poles.
More power to the hand saws!
6 months ago

I realize it's been quite while since you posted this original message...

I am reaching out for any leads or advice about acquiring some land in the Ozarks where my family and I can homestead. 30 acres-ish is what we're looking for, with water and plenty of forage for my goats.

I'm living in coastal northern California now and prioritize living with community close by when I move back home to Missouri. It seems there is quite a bit of homesteading going on in the Ozark area. I'm hoping to get plugged in somehow...

Thank you
4 years ago