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My #: 417-988-0333

This is the intro to my channel and the core of my Message;

4 years ago
Here are pics of my first In Ground Trench Rocket Stove. One hour from start to eating cooked food:!topic/southwest-mo-county-restoration/KoqFjvoQNx4
4 years ago

John Bass wrote:Hello,

As the "Subject" indicates, I'm really new to RMH (well, at least I got the abbreviation thing going for me a bit...).  Considering that I have 10 acres-worth of forest to work with, I figure using some type of wood-based heating system would be economical, sustainable and very appropriate.

At first I looked into whole-house heating by way of a connection from a wood-burning stove to my existing forced-air system.  That looked to me to be really expensive, and time-consuming (checking/filling the stove at least twice a day).  Plus there was the presumed high level of wood usage as compared to a RMH.

I also considered (and would still like to have) wood-based water heating.  Again, that's less of a priority, but I understand that it can be doable with a rocket stove (as well as other tools).

Anyway, from what I've read/heard/watched regarding RMHs, I really like their ability to store and slowly disseminate heat, requiring both less time (from me) and wood.

Having said that, I don't envision myself being able, for various reasons, to undertake this all by myself.  I'd happily help or pay someone who knows what they're doing.  But there are the issues of structural integrity, materials to use, knowledge and dynamics of air movement and whatnot, cutting through a wall/roof for exhaust, etc.  I don't have the knowledge and skills to do all that, at least with confidence, by myself.  The truth is, I'd rather not burn down the house.  

What I'm trying to do is locate someone(s) nearby (or, say, within a few hours of driving) who: 1) has a RMH and would talk to me about their situation, and/or 2) offers a class/tour/whatever to help me get more knowledge as well get myself an increased comfortablity with taking this project on, and/or 3) builds these and can survey my situation and then recommend/build the appropriate RMH.

Anyone out there...anyone?

Thank you.  

This is my very first post.
I am going to be building an RMH o.j. a greenhouse. I am in SW Missouri.
I need to get it done before cold weather.
You did not say where you are. Let me know if this is close enough.

4 years ago