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since Jul 14, 2020
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Recent posts by Jane Campbell

We no longer have a working dvd player,can you sell us a rent or buy online streaming link?
2 months ago
Hi all, (wish we'd been wrong about the end of the world)

I'm trying to persuade my partner that we should build our bike shed out of round wood timbers from the nearby plantation, she says that we need to buy cut timber for the roof so that it connects intimately with the roof. does anyone have any pics or plans they could share to back me up?

ps off-grid and so no power tools
4 months ago
I've been practising 'living without gas' and experimenting with using my bed to finish off cooking things that take a while, like beans or rice.  
I bring it to a boil then wrap the whole pan in a large towel before popping it into my bed, cover it with my duvets etc to finish cooking. the secondary effect is that it warms the bed just before getting in!
Hope this is of use to someone
love and peace
5 months ago
Here and Now
by Maj

If you think
you cannot find me
I am in your garden
come and look
nestling in nasturtium
breathing green in a
broad bean nook
drenched in a
champagne of dew
I sit next to your plants
encouraging them
with you.

8 months ago
hi, Crystal can you give me any tips to live with a large slug population without losing my soul or my greens.  ps I live in Wales UK