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Donald Wagner

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since Nov 02, 2016
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Recent posts by Donald Wagner

paul wheaton wrote:We have a new feature, but my forum super powers make it so that I cannot see the feature.

Can folks tell me what they see in the first post?  It should be one of two things:

1)   they see a lot of images and a lot of text telling folks what they will get, followed by a black screen with some purple info to buy stuff.   This is what people should see if they do not own this.

2)   they see the premium content and they do NOT see a lot of images and stuff in the first post.  This is because they do happen to own this content.

I especially would like to hear from group "2".  

I fall into group "1".   If I buy the $125 instant view HD version, I assume I can view it more than once?  If so will it always be available? Or will it go offline at some point in which case you'd need the download if you wanted to see it again.
5 years ago