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We are working to sale our suburban home by the end of 2017 and move onto our 7.5acres of land in central Texas.  The plan is to move our family of SIX into a 800sqft Derksen portable building.  Not off grid. 

We have complete time freedom through our essential oil business and I am a professional video we are excited to share the journey on YouTube!!!
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THANK YOU everyone!!!  It is very exciting for sure!!!
2 years ago
Hello everyone!

My name is Beau and it has been way too long since I last posted here.  

I want to share with you all that our homestead adventure is finally starting!!!  We have learned over the years of owning our 7 acres in central Texas is really tough without an actual home.  hahaha!  So this past weekend our home was finally delivered!

It is a small cabin of about 800sqft and we would love to share it with you!  Here is our entire day on Youtube:

Please let us know any thoughts you have.  Its not perfect of course, but it will soon be our home!

Thanks a bunch!

2 years ago
Well we are currently using this big fan...while also catching some mosquitos.  But in the end...I think we are just going to keep them in the shade, with a fan, and then....just breed for heat tolerance.

3 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'd love to share our journey of starting a suburban backyard rabbitry.  We were blessed with finding in excellent breeder that knows everything about rabbits for meat, sell, fodder, breeding, care, and how to also do some colony raising.  Enjoy the story!  We currently can't have "livestock" in our suburbia we are learning the skills of raising rabbits as "pets" and we will be during full scale meat rabbits when we move on to our 7 acre homestead property this fall.

We Got Our Rabbits

Our First Rabbit Breeding

How To Hold A Rabbit & Clip Nails

3 years ago
Here is a video of a very small house I found at a Shed dealership.  

3 years ago
Hello everyone!!  

Gaining personal freedom and liberty for our family has always meant not having to work for someone else and not trading hours for dollars.  

In today's video from our daily Vlog I go over 10 ideas to add Passive Residual Income straight from your Homestead.

Video Link:  
Thank you!!!  It was a lot of fun hanging with Tom!  He really does know his stuff!
3 years ago
Now this guy Adam Russell blew my mind!!!

Here is the video:  

His website is:

It was AMAZING!!!  Seriously watch it.
3 years ago
Hello everyone!!

We are building a 7.5 acre homestead in central Texas.  I believe our soils are "low acid sand".  Does that make sense?  Here is an overview of our permaculture design...

I go over the pond around the 10min mark.  

I am realizing that I am probably getting impatient with my goals and I would love y'alls expert opinion.  Do I need a bentonite clay liner?  Or do you think I could use ducks (which I believe I want!!) to seal the pond?

Here is full tour with drone footage of my property for you to get a better look.

Thank you for any thoughts!!!  
3 years ago