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Recent posts by Marjory Wildcraft

T Blankinship wrote:What in your view is more likely to happen in 2021. A financial crisis like 2008 or the covid-19 pandemic to surpass 2020 levels ?

Honestly, I've heard reports of cyber-attacks on the electrical grid, planned food crisis, transition from the dollar to digital currency....

All I know is, if you're not prepared, it might hurt a lot.
2 weeks ago
I'm so excited to share how to forage with you.

I went on an awesome trip with one of my mentors, Katrina Blair, in the wild mountains of Colorado to harvest acorns.

Acorns are a great source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat! They're available almost anywhere and super easy to identify.

Learn more about connecting with the earth in the video we shot off-grid, wild style ;)

You only need to learn 13 wild weeds to be assured of food security anywhere.

Katrina tells how incredibly wealthy she is knowing she can go anywhere in the world and find nutritious healthy food in abundance.
2 weeks ago
Doc Jones and I are back with another video.

We're tackling the popular belief: Will Dogs Really Die If They Eat Chocolate?

If your furry friend gets into your favorite chocolate chips, you might not have to worry.

It's really all about dosage. And if you have a larger dog, chances are they might have just hit their limit on chocolate...

Learn more about dogs and chocolate in this video I created for you guys   ▶️  

And ppppplllleeeasssee let me know your experience with dogs and chocolate.
2 weeks ago
Hey hey!

Pandemic, food shortage, financial crisis? No problem.

I'm hosting a webinar, Sunday, November 15th at 2pm CST.

Sign up here ➥

In this webinar, I’ll show you what’s going to happen in 2021 and how to prepare for it...

✳✳Live Q&A at the end of the webinar + RESOURCES✳✳

Have you started preparing?

What do you recommend others do to prepare?
3 weeks ago

Annie Collins wrote:I love this, Marjory! Who says that watering the garden is drudgery? lol

ahhhh my favorite part about the summer is watering the garden :)
3 weeks ago

sarah jane wrote:Love it! Are you doing anything permanent? Trees are awesome! Bananas are weeds, so you'll be providing food for a lot of people with those.

hey sarah

found my neighbor out here doing the same thing... we are planting plenty of food and trees. check this out:

3 weeks ago

Jeremy Baker wrote:Rising to the challenge. You can’t keep a good gardener down. Did I see a balcony?. Lots of folks have small gardens in balconies or even on rooftops. I’m interested what you figured out as small space gardening is my new interest.
Do they have Walmart in PR? Cheers

Hey Jeremy,

Definitely can't stop me from gardening. I started seeds on the small patio in the backyard then moved them out to different parts of the public land. There's a Walmart I use for planters when I can't find any deep enough... :)
3 weeks ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:If I may respectfully suggest, the other most important thing about guerilla gardening is "first, do no harm." Hopefully the species you love, and choose to plant, will not gallop across the countryside like invasive marauders after you move on. To my mind, guerilla gardening demands some careful reflection.

Love the tropical images BTW.

yes! I'm definitely only planting native non-invasive species
3 weeks ago
I really loved shooting this video! I rocked out all summer 2020 (the real key to surviving these times).

PSA: This is just behind the scenes/ for fun LOL

Definitely don’t water your garden like this!

I got a little carried away. So check me out, learn some moves, and release some stress with me.

What's your favorite thing to do in your garden? What do you think about throwing a real garden party? 😉

1 month ago