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Recent posts by Johanna Breijer

Hi I had cancer.  Put a little water at the bottom of the bucket.  It will make it easier for emptying the bucket, and rinsing it out.  Drink or at least take a mouth full of water after vomiting.  Dry heaves can rip the throat and  bleeding on top of the puking is not a good thing.  
1 month ago
I have been planting water cress under leaky faucets outdoors for a long time.  The cress grows just fine with the hose being run every couple of days.  It's not finicky and easy to grow.   This way I use all the water and don't have to feel guilty about the occasional drip.
11 months ago
About 40 years ago, we were dropped off by the college and we had to survive in the park.  We were limited by what we were allowed to bring.  Ever slipped a mini axe down your boot to hide it and drove with it there for a couple of hours to get there?  I had camped there a few times before.  I found the park was slowly being over used over time.  I really noticed it in Gatineau Park as well.  They had paved over the paths to make it more accessible.  There were far too many campsites that were over used and stripped bare.  To keep the park open they had to have enough people to pay for the park services and personnel.  Sadly permaculture is pretty low on their list of priorities.
2 years ago
I haven't planted marigolds for the last three years.  I leave the entire plant to over winter and then dig them in the next spring.  I live in zone 3a.  I have been transplanting the volunteers all over the garden.  The excess plants have gone to friends and neighbors.  They self seed everywhere.  I have large marigolds and small ones.  All sorts of colours. They seem to breed true to the parent plant.  They are a tropical plant so they aren't supposed to do that here.  You get more protection for you other plants by letting the marigolds overwinter.  You should try just digging the plants in and see what you get.  I used to start my seeds indoors but these are actually bigger faster than the ones I started in pots.  
I prefer to just let the marigolds just do their thing.  It is one less thing to start indoors, harden off, and transplant.  Most of them come up where I want them, so there is very little transplanting.  That leaves me time and space to baby other plants for the garden.
I have been under the dome(AKA the giant magnifying glass that helped put everything on fire.)  My thornless blackberries are doing fine, but blackberries with thorns have been acting as one of my canaries in the heat.  By noon it's wilting from the sunshine.  I have placed shade cloth over them.  It helps but it's not a perfect solution.  It has been quite happy in the smoke.  The brown horizon and blood red sun seems to agree with the berry bushes.  I've been thinking of moving the bushes to a shady location of my yard.  I would prefer them there.  I'm allergic to sunlight.  Is it a good idea to move them to the shade or am I setting myself up for a different set of problems?
My raspberries have made bumper crops this year.  The ring the neighbor's doorbell and run away is a good way to get rid off the excess berries.  Food bank will not take them.  Neither will meals on wheels.  I have preserved  two years worth in the freezer and dried a bunch.  I use metal fencing to keep them confined.  There are raspberry suckers popping up twenty feet away.  They have invaded the hedge and I have left them there to keep out the wildlife and people.  I pull the suckers when they first appear.  I have left a few for neighbors who want raspberry bushes.
My blackberries are only 2 years old.  The thornless are producing berries this year.  The other blackberries haven't bloomed yet.
2 years ago
I have Monarda that does not spread or self seed.  Also bee balm.  For me the Sashta Daisies are hell bent for world domination but the killed off every couple of years by harsh winter.  Also clove pink attracts bees, and other benificials.   I start most of my perennials from seeds.  I have several types of Calendula.  They self seed and have many garden uses so I let them go.  I only take them out of where I really don't want too many of them and transplant them else where in the garden.
3 years ago
I'm phobic of fire.  I wanted to make biochar.  I was standing by my garden gate asking the passers by(mostly RCMP)if they would light my fire.  I was holding my fire starter.  This was just an other thing the crazy old lady did.
3 years ago
Sadly we would lose our power for 5 days to 2 weeks each winter (freezing rain would take out the lines).  The moment the power went out, I would fill the containers for drinking water.  I would drain the hot water boiler, and fill the bath tub with water.  I then drained all the water from the lowest place in the house.  This precaution meant I never had damaged pipes, or burst hot water heater.  I didn't bother canning my produce because it was so cold that if the power went out frozen items would be put in the garage.  Glass jars have a tenducy to burst when too cold.  I saved money by having frozen stuff in the garage for the winter. The draining of the pipes didn't take too long, and when the power came back on I would turn on the water again right away.  The hot water heater running without water to heat is a bad thing. I used Swedish candles to keep one room warmish. Winter sleeping bags helped with the cold.  Putting bricks in the fire, and putting foil around them when we were ready for bed, kept our feet warm in the bottom of our sleeping bags.  Putting up a tent over your bed could be warmed quickly.  Cats and dogs kept us warm as well.
3 years ago
Corsets have been used for a long time for back pain.  The black Prince wore a corset under his armor to support his extreme scoliosis and other damage to his spine.  
Making your own corset means you can play with where the tension is to get optimum comfort and support.  It isn't so much to hold your waist in, as to support the spine.  It has to be a bit tight to work, but it shouldn't impede breathing or the passage to found through the intestinal tract.  I wore mine for a while, until I didn't need it any more.  With your issues you will be wearing it for a long time.  As your body changes, you will have adjust your corset.  Good luck.  
3 years ago
I used the hay box but a lot of what I cooked had meat or fish which needs a higher temperature for safe cooking.  I learned this method from a little old lady.  I dug a squarrish hole which I used for the summer and fall.  I filled a large metal pot with a tight lid and heated up the contents on the fire.  I put some hot coals and ashes in the hole.  I put in the pot and put more coals and ash around the pot and covered the pot as well.  I then put some grass with roots in soil over the hole.  You leave it there for a few hours and then have a good warm meal.  The house stays cool, just one pot to wash, and it took no electricity.  I made the fire with branches from pruning or winter storm damage.  I don't use coal, but the coal produced by the fire.  I made stews, baked beans, soups, etc.
  We also had a mobile crock pot.  In the military you travel with large transport trucks.  You weren't traveling in areas that had restaurants. You put you raw food in tin foil.  You put potato slices around the outside of the meat you were cooking.  The potatoes might get scorched but your meat wouldn't.  You wrap it well in tin foil and place it on the truck's motor.  You can hold it in place with wire or metal mesh bags.  When you got there you had a hot meal and no dishes.
3 years ago