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What a wonderful project! This kind of tinkering is for sure the way the world is revolutionized. I'm excited to see this technology applied to something like water heating!
Excellent thank you.

I don’t have intentions on plugging into the grid. The wind on the coast of Maine is in my experience strong and consistent/predictable and the tidal swing is huge. My hope was to generate that sort of power using tidal and wind.

So that’s my next line of inquiry (probably for another forum) . Now that we have an idea of our basic power needs, how to determine the generator requirements to meet those needs

2 years ago
Thank you thank you for your attention here.

Yes I am imagining a direct battery to motor power transfer, with the batteries being charged from an on-shore battery bank while the boat is moored at night, rather than a diesel to electric conversion that S Benji was addressing.

So 35 us gallons of fuel = 5128 megajoules of energy

A Diesel engine at 20% efficiency is going to apply 1025.6 of those megajoules of energy to the motor

An electric motor at 90% efficiency drawing power from a battery pack at 85% efficiency is going to apply 3922.9 megajoules to that motor.
(5128 x .9)x .85 = 3922.9.  
Is that correct? Is that an oversimplification?

If the desired end product is about 1000 megajoules then is 285kwh enough?


That seems so much more doable. Thanks for helping me stumble through this.  Your insight and math skills are really valuable.

2 years ago
Hello to this wonderful forum and thanks to everyone!

I am working with a friend who is a commercial fisherman in Maine. We are talking about the possibility of running an electric motor on his boat rather than the diesel that everyone uses out there. His boat has a 425hp diesel caterpillar motor and he says he burns about 35 gallons of fuel/day on average. Just a quick search on the internet and some simple math says that he's using about 1 megawatt electrical equivalent in diesel fuel

Question 1: Can that be?

Question 2: Is the electric motor, in general, more efficient than a diesel which would then require less power input to do the same amount of work making the need for an actual megawatt of energy storage in the boat less relevant?

The boat wants ballast, so an enormous battery bank in the hull is not out of the question, I'm just trying to see if that's really the number we're aiming for in diesel-electrical conversion

thanks again
2 years ago
Hi! I'm a carpenter living in Brooklyn and our neighbor tosses out bags and bags of planer shavings. I was hoping to repurpose them (mostly ash and maple right now) to mulch our raised beds over the winter.

Does this work? i am new to the game and don't even want the take a stab at the myriad things that I should consider or may be overlooking. Jus hoping to send the wood some place positive and not a landfill (though we have donated some to a friend doing backyard mushrooms).

Also there is a big patch of yard that is mostly construction fill dirt. It is currently home to some hardworking pioneer plants, but I'd give this dirt a good coat of wood duff too if that's useful.

Thanks! I'm open to any and all info.
3 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:

We like the idea of having a diverse, supportive community though we're still growing and working on that

Yes this seems like a great opportunity for an ad hoc community of families come together and support one another as we educate without ahouldering undue financial or other burdens.

For my part I would be willing to entertain the notion of bringing someone with me to help out with my son while my wife is in California and she would be able to join halfway through the pdc and be a part of that support community as it develops.

Family was the catalyst for putting us on this road and wanting to reimagine and redesign our lives so it feels like an integral part of permaculture for me.

As to Paul's response about the food (sorry I don't know how to double quote ina reply), would you be willing to put a price on a daily, non-class taking food cost for others who were traveling as support.

Thank you!
3 years ago
I'm very interested in coming to the pdc and the atc if I can. It seems like exactly what I need in my life.
I am a father of two (4years and 6 months old) who would be traveling from Brooklyn to participate. I'm curious to know if there is any accommodation for parents who need to travel with kids/family. We are all happy to camp but just wondering if this situation is something that is common/expected or strange/inconvenient.

Willing to jump through hoops to make it work, though we would be on a tight budget.

Thanks for all your good work
3 years ago