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Recent posts by Mark Huntington

Trace Oswald wrote:

I did a quick search. Minimum credit score for a Churchill mortgage is 620.

"A minimum FICO credit score of 620 is generally required, but Churchill Mortgage can write loans below that credit score โ€œon an exception basis. The lender also offers loans to customers without credit scores, using alternative data such as utility bills and rent payment histories." ~From Nerd Wallet, but other sites show similar information.
3 months ago
Everything I've leaned about snow - I'm moving in about 5 years!
3 months ago

Hello All,

First let me say that I don't have a credit problem (although I can't wait to pay off this damn mortgage).

Lately I've become disenchanted by our society, not that I was ever super enchanted with it.  

This notion of a credit score bothers me from time to time. The message of "Oh! You better have good credit or we won't let buy into our little financial system".

I guess humans live their lives on ideas. But it amazes me how many people play the game. They go out and mortgage themselves to the gills, buy boats, or the next great possession that will actually end up owning them. Every time I see a credit score commercail on TV I'd like to follow it up with my own that says "Don't listen to that nonsense. You don't need all the crap you think you need. Just go be happy for crying out loud." (or something like that)

A bit of a rant. I apologize.

But I would like to hear some other opinions.
3 months ago
Loosely related perhaps, I get nasty headaches and a foggy, lethargic feeling when there are abrupt changes in pressure.  I did some research a couple of years ago and VT is one of the worst states to live in for if you're affected by these types of weather patterns.

Anyway, thanks for the information on this topic.
4 months ago

Carla Burke wrote:

She put it a few posts up, above๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I got so excited for the recipe, I missed it!
4 months ago

Patricia Boley wrote:Rhubarb wine is very delicious. I set some aside and distilled it into Brandy. Also very tasty. I'm happy to share the recipe if someone wants it.

I'd like the recipe! I've never brewed beer or wine in my life but now you have my wheel turning.
4 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:
The dog thanks you too, she had the left over bacon!

"Leftover bacon"?

You lost me. :)
4 months ago

John McDoodle wrote:does coffee count as breakfast?  lol  asking for a friend ;)

So thankful for coffee in the morning! That's french press brew in the pic.
4 months ago
I get very gloomy this time of year.  Once in a while, when things "seem" particularly down, I'll listen to some sentimental music or videos/movies to sort of head into the storm so to speak.  Sometimes I just sit with the experience and observe it.  In fact I thought the depression was going to pass me by one year and I was actually dissappointed.  For me it simply adds to the richness of this human experience.
4 months ago