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Hi Sarah,

please don't hesitate to contact us when you come (maslesvinyes-at-gmail-dot-com)! and don't worry about seeds, all of them are welcome but better they must live in cold places. In any way I also provide you a friend's site who is also a PC teacher from US ( Maybe he can also help you with your questions... I'll do my best!
7 years ago
Hi Sarah! First, I'm awfully sorry about my english...

Second, as I know, it's really hard to get permissions for natural building without and architect. So first, you should find one who can work with straw, cob and wood... For example, we have an ecovillage with a big problems, as some of their habitants have been accused for this and judge is asking for 4 year prison... let me attach an spanish article

Of course, in Spain we have lots of different climates in small places. Around us you can get 5 months below 0C or any day of cold days (Pirinees vs Barcelona)...  in our region, we have at least 4 months with really low temperatures, and maybe 2 weeks a year below -10C. We even don't plant tomatoes since 15 May, while in other places they can plant tomatoes in february (Gandesa, by the way )

We earn money from eco-tourism, selling eggs, chickens, vegetables, fruit, sheep & formation courses... now it's getting hard because you can find a lot of places to learn permaculture. But we keep trying!

Best wishes!
7 years ago
Hi! I'm writing from Catalonia, a region located in Spain which have 700l/year of rain and lower temperatures as 5F (-15 C) and 95F higher (35C). We are 3 families who bought a farm from 1300s, 3 years ago. The first year we have to install windows, create heating systems, rebuild all the entire roof. We had 2 kids and we did a crazy hard work... with perspective, I think we were a little bit crazy... anyway, I would like to share some pictures from our farm.. Hope you like it and visit sometimes!! You're all invited! (by the way, we have had some huge US volunteers and we love all them!).
You can find us on facebook

The house

Our first year video

Cob construction (all the materials, including logs are from our farm)

Some garden's pictures

Some resilient stuff


Animals time!

Food forest

7 years ago