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Recent posts by Blake Campbell

Thank you for your input.  I think you were spot on with your analysis.
The hydro on the first property would probably just keeps lights on, etc. at night.  And that's why I mentioned it reducing the battery bank. Might be all it does.  We should have 6 tiny houses and 3x 500-800 sqft cabins eventually. We will start with the tiny houses getting all 6 within a year or two.  
We have 1 and a half tiny houses on wheels already that we have built, and will buy the rest used, most likely.  Our two are wrapped in 1 inch of foam board in addition to the rock wool and fiberglass, and combined with the low square footage they are super efficient.
Solar PV may be our main source. And heating is going to be our main energy requirement.  Looking to set up some awesome systems to capture some heat from the sun, but if needs be we will have lots of panels, and air or ground heat pumps.  We may be able to do water storage of heat, if nothing else than to generate our heat while the sun shines.  We may have a greenhouse.  It all is theoretical so far until we get rolling.

I think your experience going off grid makes a lot of sense for the permie types like us.  It's worth it long before it's the most cost effective.

Thanks for your experience and wisdom.

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Blake;
I'm not going to guess on how much is flowing.
But I am going to guess, that you can't make enough power from it. Enough to justify the cost.
Now your other property .  That sounds like it has potential.
You need drop and you need volume.  It sounds like you may have it.

The thing about hydro is its not quite as easy to make enough power as a guy thinks.
And if you can make power. Being able to get it to your home can be a problem as well.

Now Solar, if you have enough panels. Can supply all you need .With no mechanical issues.
They can be located close to your battery's.

Big choice you have ahead of you Blake.
40 years ago I went off grid with solar alone. 10 years later I developed a micro hydro as well.
I've never regretted it.
But I will freely admit I might have been $ ahead to let them hook up the street power.

7 months ago
Care to guess how much water flow this is?  I'll be going on Tuesday with a bucket to get the exact amount.  Closest guess gets 100 cool points.
That culvert is 4' wide.  The bottom lip is flattened so it's not rounded.  
Video of the flow.

We are looking to build a Tiny House resort on this property in Colorado and the electric lines are 1000 ft away.  Sounds great! Or so I thought.  For residential 300 amp service, which is the minimum, they charge $29/foot to run a line in the conduit and the trench that we do or pay for ourselves.  That includes the transformer, but that's not the commercial price.  Seems real steep to me. And my mind started wandering to how much solar that could buy.  Not to mention we still have to pay per Kwh!

This stream runs the property and drops 25-30 feet.  A potential source of power that can reduce our battery bank size requirements drastically.  Not to mention the same river crosses some property we have that is 1000 ft north with 150-175 ft of drop.  So we may be able to generate there and send electric down to this property.

7 months ago
Dan Alan,
I also am looking for this video.  I have torn the internet apart and can't find it.  
I think I have the entire classic Geoff Lawton library minus this one and keep thinking about it.
Let me know if you have any success.  My gmail address is USAblake.
3 years ago