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Recent posts by Pascal Paoli

Simone, how do you deal with the smell of your Vibram Five Fingers and feet? I couldn't wear mine withouth that, which made it very unpractical for me. Any advice?
6 years ago
Did you try hand-feeding yet? You could get them excited with something familiar from your hand, than slowly offer other stuff from your kitchen. If  one chicken gets interested, the others will come, too. Once they know that you give them "good stuff" it might train them to accept more scraps.
6 years ago
Another argument that you could use is "owned vs. borrowed space". In online marketing, any channel that is not your website or something like your own email list, is basically just borrowed.

Facebook can cut your reach when ever it wants to (and has done 2x by 90% ) it can also take your page away (because of weird circumstances) and when it happens, they have the most horrible customer service (NONE) and you will never get access again.

Come up with a metaphor, that they can understand:
They are using somebody elses home right now, to sell their products. The homeowner is usually not present (noticeable) but could throw you out at any time.

6 years ago
mega! very cool transformation and proof, that it doesn't take a huge piece of land to start gardening.
6 years ago
Well, almost all questions have been answered.
I just thought of this video here:

It's Joel Salitan showing his compost, that he
a) has on concrete - *so if inspectors come to his farm and are worried about run off, he can show them, that there is none.
b) puts full cows in.

I also agree with Marco to not to worry to much about your ratios.

I personally love to use woodchips as carbon material.
I do not have pigs myself. Just finished reading sepp holzer's book. And he does not seem to add extra feed. see this article:

He plants a lot of sunchokes. Also he let's them roam between his fruit trees. He said that he always leaves extra fruit on the floor for them. So you should look into planting from fruit trees for your pigs.

I don"t know if pigs are as picky with apples, like humans. Otherwise you could as well plant them from seed and not have to buy, save money. Holzer puts the left overs from pressing apple juice into where the pigs have dug up the ground.
6 years ago
Good input, thanks a lot!
You have encouraged me to reclaim those trees.

Do you think chicken manure will help with the nitrogen absorption?

Since you said that they break down fast, maybe I should instead compost them with my chickens?

6 years ago

when I was walking down the streets I saw all these christmas trees being dumped out. So I was wondering if you think they could be used for hugelkultur.
I read that pine trees are not good for a hugelkultur. Also I am not sure what kind those christmas trees are, but I guess the all have some kind of pine oil in them.

Well, do you think its worth trying? Otherwise I might compost some of the material. There are just so much out there right now.
6 years ago
Hi Michael,
falls du etwas ├╝bersetzt brauchst, schreib es hier rein. Der Luftzug wird z. B. nicht mit "train" (wie zug) sondern mit "draft" ├╝bersetzt. Das sollte dir vielleicht weiterhelfen. Updraft ist z.B Luftzug nach oben.

(If you need something translated into english from german, let me know. "train" is not "train" but draft, it's just the same word in german "zug".)
6 years ago