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Abelia Frutteto wrote:Hi Aida,  I also live in 9a and here the figs grow almost as weeds.  They are really tough and stunningly drought resistant. Young unprotected trees do die back in the winter here too, but come back stronger the next spring.

The older generation of local farmers and garden putters not only prune the fig trees to keep them low, but also tie plastic water bottles (to varying degree of fullness/weight) to the fig branches over the winter and summer so they are weighed down and growing low and mostly horizontally. Not sure if those are removed when the tree is fruiting though I doubt it. I'll try to get a photo and post it later. Good luck keeping your tree productive and contained and warm!    

because I am in zone 7 I plan to wrap them in the winter, but I actually have heard of weighing down branches before, I was going to do that with my cherry tree because they grow in such an upward slope if left.
11 months ago
This is a good idea Jane thankyou
11 months ago
Fig mosaic virus I think you may be right. How frustrating! I bought this fig from a nursery two years ago and have no other figs, how would the fig have gotten this? I live in a very newly developed alpine area with no other gardeners nearby.
11 months ago

Fred Estrovich wrote:I think this is likely a viral infection. There is a fig virus that causes chlorosis and abnormally shaped leaves. Usually comes from infected root stock. I had a young tree that presented with it when it was about a year old died the following winter.

Why would only the top be showing signs of it? Do you have the name of the virus?
11 months ago
Thanks everyone, I will try feeding it, I did repot it from a ten gallon into a 50 gallon about a month ago with fresh potting soil but that might not have had enough nitrogen in it.

I will look again for bugs but I thought that too at first when random holes appeared here and there, no bugs found, there is one naughty cat in the house though so could just be her.

The cold frame is a good idea, I considered building a large frame over one side of the garden and planting several in that spot. Could I top them if they start to get too tall? I imagine this is what people do. I am zone 7, it usually doesn't get colder than -7 most winters but every decade or so it hits -12 some nights.

I guess it's a wait and see game if the fertilizer doesn't help, no any bugs found. Thanks!
11 months ago
So I planted a Jordan variety fig the summer of 2016, in a fairly exposed location because my options were limited. That winter record cold hit us and I thought it had died, pulled it from the ground and threw it in a pot, it came back summer 2017 but mostly from shoots coming out of the base. Currently it is in a very large pot in my warm house by a grow light. I've noticed the leaves at the base are super healthy looking but the leaves growing from the original top of the tree look pretty terrible. Could it be that the trunk itself got somehow partially killed and so the tree is having trouble properly growing from the top? If so, should I just cut the original trunk to where the healthy shoots are coming out?

Attached are photos to show the oddly spotted and browning leaves vs the perfect big green specimen.
11 months ago
That's great, I'll send you guys a purple moosage Annie and Hope (when I get back from work tonight)
11 months ago
Vera: yes I agree, farmers and self starters so some of the busiest people!

Becky, I shall indeed send you a purple moosage! Thanks for responding
11 months ago
15-20 acres is more than enough for a couple of goats, however they are not as easy to care for as most people think going into it as newbies. They have unique and sometimes complex nutritional needs, they can become mineral or vitamin defficient and that can be very hard to diagnose because it is so subtle. The more acreage they have access to the better, goats want to forage, so they want to eat bushes, trees, vines, anything Not at ground level is preferable. This leads me to the point about parasites and worms, they get these by grazing on the ground in confined areas for too long because the parasites climb up the short blades of grass and wait to be eaten by the goats. When the goats poop them out later onto the grass the cycle continues. The best way to avoid parasites is to give them a large area to roam or rotate from area to area. Give them access to nice green hay at all times so that they can munch on that whenever they want. Think of their stomachs as an engine, it should constantly be fed to keep the gut bacteria working and happy. These prey animals (sheep, cows, goats, etc) sleep maybe a total of 3-4 hours in a 24hr period, the rest of the time they should be digesting or eating. Meat goats do get fat easier than other breeds, so if your intent is for meat sale then I would buy a meat breed. Most goats require some grain to fatten up for butchering, grass, trees and shrubs hold very little calories or fat. If you are feeding neutered male goats however, you must be very careful about feeding too much grain because it can cause a urinary blockage that will kill them within hours. (It is caused by too much phosphorous) If you have access to it, I would feed soaked beet pulp pellets (1 part pellets to 3 parts warm water). Do NOT let beet pulp get wet in storage, it can become dangerous to them, and once soaked, make sure it is eaten within a few hours in warm climates, it can cause acidosis if not careful. Beet pulp is high in calcium, so it helps to balance out the high phosphorous present in grains such as oats and corn.  

Be careful when selecting goats to buy, look for a healthy shiny coat, they shouldn't be too skinny and ribby. Check their teeth, by their second season they should have a set of adult teeth but still have baby teeth, look for two different sizes of teeth if the seller says they are still young. Pull back the eyelid and check that the skin under the lid is a nice pink color, not pale. It is safer to buy baby goats in some ways because they have had less exposure to possible diseases. Check the other goats in the seller's herd, be wary for any lumps around the jaw which is a sign of an infectious disease called Caseus Lymphoma. Do not buy goats that have been living in crowded, muddy conditions, the possibility for disease is high. I do not know what country you are in, if it is the USA, Canada, or Australia you can certainly ask the seller if they have ever lab tested for CL and or CAE
So i've tried all sorts of penpal websites only to find that they are mainly used by people wanting to travel or learn different languages, but what I really crave is a fellow permaculturist/artistic type to write back and forth with. I write in old style cursive hand writing, and I think the thing that makes letters interesting is not just the words but adding art, pressed flowers, recipes, pictures, etc.

Are there any out there that also enjoy sharing in this way? I am female, Canadian, late 20s, married, no kids.

Thanks for listening!
1 year ago