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S Lee

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since Jan 01, 2017
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Recent posts by S Lee

Heather Reaches wrote:Still looking? We are originally from SATX and looking around at a type of community which has the same kind of things you’re looking for. Married w an 8 year old. Please PM if interested in more info

Hi Heather, we have HOA restrictions, so not sure if this is the type of situation you are looking for.. based on your other posting. After looking for different options in this area, I feel like this is the best balance between a lot of restriction vs no restrictions (saw a few places with neighbors running junkyards).
9 months ago

Angela Margaret wrote:An opportunity like this sounds amazing but we have more than 2 children. We are in the hill country by canyon lake. Maybe we could try connecting with each other?

let's connect, send me a number by PM?
10 months ago

Jenny Jones wrote:I could have sworn I moosaged you! I'll send again.

I didn't get anything
10 months ago

Amber Morgan wrote:Would you accept temporary help? I am looking for somewhere to convert a skoolie. I am a very hard worker!

coolie skoolie! probably not at this time, sorry, we would like a long-term cohousing family.
good luck with your build!
Looking for some help realizing our homestead..

Single, single-parent or small family with 1 or 2 kids under 8yo
eat healthy and natural (good for our septic system and land)
hardworking to help us build a food forest and raise chickens, goats, cows and possibly pigs

We can offer:
Full hookups (Electric, water, and sewer) for RV or Tiny Home
10 acres of land with a dozen+ deer seen daily available for hunting (land costs about $350,000 to $400,000 here)
good well water
private access to river swimming and tubing/floating
school bus pickup to 1 of the highly rated school districts in Texas
or good community of many homeschoolers
large budget to buy materials/equipment to build homestead
20 to 25 minutes to Home Depot, Walmart, HEB, etc.

Patricia Mitchell wrote:We have a 3 tank aerobic septic system aka On-Site Septic Facilities (OSSF); it requires putting the chlorine tablets into a trap at the last (spray) tank. The system has two pumps; an aerator for the 2nd tank and the sprayer for the last tank. This type of system is required anywhere in Texas when limestone is close to the ground’s surface. In Hays County, we are required to have a maintenance contract, for quarterly inspections by septic inspector (to the tune of $300/year). The alternative is to get the license to maintain your own OSSF. I have asked around for passive alternatives and have been told either impossible or prohibitively expensive. The search continues.

sounds like we have the same type of septic system
1 year ago

Creighton Samuels wrote:This is a somewhat standard method of getting rid of the treated water, but you might want to inquire about possible alternatives in your locality.  In particular, find out if the treated water without chlorine can be considered "greywater" and used in a greywater zone instead.  Such possibilities include underground watering of trees and other "water loving" landscaping, that is quite certainly never to be used to grow food for humans (no garden irrigation).  Also, the non-chlorinated greywater can never come into direct contact with humans or pets, so no more spray irrigation of the lawn.  No surface pools either.

are you saying that unchlorinated water cannot be used to water edible fruit or nut trees? if so, why not?
1 year ago

Anne Miller wrote:Do you mind if I ask if your County requires a Maintenance Contract for your system?

Good question, I'm not sure.. nobody has told me anything. I will check
1 year ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:Does your system spray the water on the surface? The septic systems I'm familiar with use a field or mound where the excess moisture evaporates. For this kind of system, tree roots or other deep rooted plants can cause big problems. The roots will infiltrate the perforated piping and clog things up.

The best approach is to talk to a certified installer in your jurisdiction. They will be able to tell you if you can skip the chlorine injection and stay legal.

our system spray the water like lawn sprinklers. I don't think it's the same type of draining like pipes in a drain field that roots get into
1 year ago

r ranson wrote:

S Lee wrote:as explained to me.. there are 2 or 3 tanks (prior to the last holding tank) where bacteria and aeration happens to process the waste water. The last tank has some kind of float valve/switch which will spray when full. The chlorination happens in this last tank.

Ah.  That is different than mine.   Mine has two tanks where it ferments, then ooozez into the lawn to evaporate.

Not sure the answer,  but I bet someone here might.

I think they call your system an anaerobic septic system
1 year ago