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Michael Cox wrote:Bees forage over a distance of 3 to 5 miles in every direction. Unless you are considering planting an area comparable to that with manuka you won't be getting manuka honey. At best you'll get multifloral honey with  a bit of manuka nectar in it. That is not to say that planting nectar trees isn't helpful - bees will love it - but you wouldn't be able to call the honey manuka.

i see i see. i guess i am fine with not calling it manuka since i am not selling it but getting the honey for my own family to eat.
3 to 5 miles... haha i don't think i would be able to have such a wide plantation.

ok i guess going for multi flora honey instead! thanks for your advice!
1 year ago
anyone with hands on experience with these flow hives?
1 year ago
Hi guys,

are we able to grow manuka trees and keep bees to harvest manuka honey? wonder if anyone has experience with such exotic honey.
I know manuka trees are from New Zealand, not sure if we are able to grow these trees on a small scale here and have bees to harvest manuka honey for us.

waaaay cheaper than buying them
look at the prices at this site i used to visit
manuka honey comvita in hong kong

cannot remember any USA websites off the back of my mind.. oh wait, let me google it at amazon.

crazy prices. i m going to start  bee hive because its interesting work and because i want these honey
1 year ago
omg, i have been trying to find out more abt solar oven because i thought it would be great to cook without carbon emissions.
but this is so cool too, dual purposes for any new solar oven i get
never realise i can use a solar oven to actually make ice!

even more carbon emissions cutting!
1 year ago
nice! had a good time watching.

have you guys watch primitive technologies before?
its this australia guy.... i got hooked on to it. lol

best part is, he does not talk at all in the whole video series, just subtitles explaining why he do it.
i can understand that he really likes his hobby.
1 year ago
i work with commercial concrete quite a fair bit. you know when you touch the wet concrete, it has a tingy burning sensation on your skin.
that can't be good.

usually i always try to wear protective gloves and stuff... i don't think i have the resources to handle my own made concrete. kudos to those who actually do it
1 year ago

Hans Quistorff wrote:

Giselle Burningham wrote:We used plastic wood and concrete footings! It  sounds terrible, but looks exactly the same!  And lasts for ever..
we  too thought of the same issues.  Safety comes first!

Plastic boards are 95% recycled plastic; probably the largest volume of recycled plastic, so if we want  the plastic recycled someone has to buy the boards.

is plastic wood slippery? you mentioned it looks the same.. i think that would be great. most of us go for wood because it looks so beautiful.
im just thinking whether it is slippery.
1 year ago