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Recent posts by Philip Heinemeyer

Thank you all for your posts!
I know this is a depressing topic but ignoring it won't make it better.
I urge you all to research a bit and to talk to your friends and family about it.
Mainstream media is not reporting about this enough.
One thing is for sure:

Permaculture favours biodiversity,offers habitats for all wildlife and is a way to live on this planet in peace!
1 year ago
Here is a link to the study done in germany:

75 percent decline of insects in the last 27 years.

Insect decline is unfortunately a reality that no one can any longer deny.
No one seems to care though and since they play a huge part in all ecosystems many other animals will follow and already are following.

Maybe it is because of agriculture and the pesticides.
Agriculture has created massive areas of monoculture with very little biodiversity.
Maybe mobile phones and Wireless technology is to blame.

Fact is that it's happening, that nobody seems to care and we don't really know why.
People need to find out why this is happening and how we can stop it.

1 year ago
If i was you i would plant a few tried and tested grafted apple trees and then cross them yourself.
That way you really increase the chances of seed-grown trees that might have good fruit and if they don't, cut them and graft on to them again.
Most commercial apple orchards have pollinator trees with bad fruit quality that significantly lowers the percentage of good fruit among the trees you grow from store bought apple seeds.
1 year ago

I have to admit that i didn't research this much yet but what struck me is that if the bees are severely affected maybe many more other insects are too.
And let's face it: They are constantly increasing the power of the signals, building more towers and wanting to get rid of every last hole with no reception!
1 year ago
I am very worried about not only the honey bees disappearing but the serious decline of butterflies, bugs and all insects in general.
Do you remember the windscreen of your car being very dirty from all the smashed bugs and insects on a longer car Journey when you were a kid?
How many butterflies there was back then?

Pesticides and agriculture are often blamed but even places far from conventional agriculture like national parks have less insects.
Or do they not?
We live in a pretty wild, natural location and i notice we also don't have many insects.

According to a study there is 80 percent less insects now than in the early 80's.
I met a beekeeper in Ireland who is 100 percent convinced that the bees are dying because of the mobile phone waves.
Recent studies seem to confirm this.
So the question is:
Could the massive decline of the insects be caused by Wireless technology?

1 year ago
it got quite cold a few weeks ago and all my avocadoes died! I didn't protect them well enough. Some might sprout back from the roots.
Anyone who wants to try this please remember :Young avocado plants, grafted or not, can handle NO FROST whatsoever.
Those so-called cold-hardy varieties down to - 10 Celsius only have that resistance when they have bark and are big, in my opinion.
I won't give up just yet though....
1 year ago

Mexicola ripens in july/august according to this website.
I have researched avocados a lot but i don't have much first-hand experience yet.

I don't know if mexicola fruit can be damaged by light frost, but i would think yes.

One very important thing to understand is that the Young plants can handle NO FROST (or very little)
When they get older their frost tolerance increases.
So they have to be protected from frost for the first 3-4 years i reckon (maybe more)

Once the mexicola tree has a trunk with bark and is 2 to 3 meters tall i would imagine (and hope)
that it then can withstand up to -7 Celsius without damage.

And i think less cold but for longer periods shouldn't be a problem.

Also the soil should have good drainage and not be too wet.

I am worried for my own avocados right now cause i think i haven't protected them well enough
I will try and post pictures of the damage if i have the time.
1 year ago
Always on the lookout for interesting,rare, edible trees and plants i came across Gomortega keule. It's an endemic chilean tree with edible fruit (supposed to be tasty!)
The tree is very rare and endangered of extinction. Information about it is very hard to find. Seeds are seemingly impossible to obtain.
I would like to know its plant hardiness. Judging from where it grows it seems to be hardy to zone 9 (more or less)

Anyone know more about it?
1 year ago
and some more pictures

true service tree next to fruit trees in orchard

and two massive old trees
1 year ago
Here is a wonderful picture of a true service tree in autumn. Notice the apple trees in front and their size difference!
1 year ago