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Matt Havok

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since Jan 21, 2017
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Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
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Edit: fixed the attachments.

Smashed out another mallet tonight. The hole in the green wood was a pain to make, but I finally got there by chiseling enough of a hole to then use a drill bit/auger.

Took a fair bit of whittling the handle and trying it in the hole, only to get it stuck halfway and then bash it back out with a metal rod to whittle down some more.

I peeled the bark off the hammer part, but I left the bark on the handle for now. I will probably shape the handle a bit more in the future.

Here are the photos:

1 month ago
First try at something like this. Was a lot of fun. My bit of wood was slightly bent, but it turned out okay.

Here are my photos:

1 month ago