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Hello all. I have a medicinal herb garden. It's about 40x3 feet right now but I plan on expanding it wider this year. I prefer to use wood mulch around my plants. Chickens like to hop my short fence (I currently only have a decorative knee high decorative fence around it) and kick the mulch everywhere. While that's great for getting rid of pests they are really causing alot of damage. Anyway to deter them. I'm terrible at building but open to any ideas you all may use. I attempted to attach a picture which isn't great because its winter...the herb garden runs right beside the length of my can really see the fence...but all the stuff that looks like weeds are my herbs.
11 months ago
Rebecca....I could trade some Cherokee purple seeds for some nasturtium. Interested?
Hello from Pennsylvania!
Have: lettuce mesclun mix
          Mexican mint tarragon
          Hubbard squash
          Cherokee purple tomato
Want: globe artichoke
            Spaghetti squash
           Pumpkin...carving for halloween
Thanks for the video. Very enjoyable to watch😁
3 years ago
We currently charge $3 a dozen. Our chickens have uncertified organic feed and a few hours of free range time each night...except when there is snow on the ground. This is what we have to charge so that they pay for their and own feed and we still get more than enough eggs from our own use.
3 years ago