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I just caught a great interview of Stamets’ on the Joe Rogan podcast, where he tells the story of how that show idea idea came to be, plus all the fungal facts ya expect from Paul. I would recommend you check it out, it’s worth it.
1 year ago
It won't  allow me to download any of the PDC or ATC tiny downloads.
1 year ago

Bill Crim wrote:

A "Fuck the Fouches" sentiment and mean-spirited limericks don't do anything but stir up an us-vs-them bitterness that doesn't have to happen.

Kerry Ceilidh wrote:

There are hundreds of comments on the YouTube video saying mean and pointed things about Paul including ones suggesting he is trying to run a kind of sinister cult.  When I last saw it I think there were nearly 700 comments slapping the Fouchs on the back to Paul's detriment with less than 30 ( a guesstimate) opposed to the post or asking for clarification of their claims.

On this thread there are currently 61 posts.  Some of which include comments which are not favourable to the Fouchs but are a response to a situation they brought in to the public arena.  These comments do not balance out the landslide of comments on their video.

For my part I did make a comment which may have been taken to be nasty by some but its intention was to make Paul laugh which I was pleased to see it did.

So if at a time when people are giving him shit, I can, in the tiniest of ways, make him laugh then mea culpa.  I'll go sit on the naughty step with Paul ...  wearing my t-shirt 😀

Ben Gore wrote:

Thanks for saving me time with a reply similar to what mine would have been. I also wanted to make the big man laugh.... and make someone whine as well! So thanks for the tears Bill
So, after watching the Fouches' video, perusing the comments, watching the "gut feeling" haters pile on the bandwagon, plus this thread, I have just one question. Who else wants a "F~(k the Fouches" t-shirt? I'm just kidding folks.... I don't want other people with the same shirt as me. We appreciate what you do Paul, no matter how assholish. Thanks
Thanks for posting all this info! We acquired some Oregon Grape seeds, knowing they provide fruit, but very pleased to learn they are medicinal as well.
2 years ago
We love Jiovi! A good portion of our burgeoning food forest has come from them and everything is doing fantastic, whether from seed or live plants. Outstanding customer service, knowledgeability, and awesome products are what separates and elevates Jiovi from others we have purchased from.
2 years ago
We missed the Kickstarter for these beauties, but glad we eventually learned about them. We love them, though its hard to play cards when everyone is admiring them and conversing about Permaculture. Definitely going to be grabbing more for gifts and enjoying them ourselves.
2 years ago