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Recent posts by Katie Devenish

We purchased a piece of land in France in 2009.
It is in the hills just West of Perpignan.
I was once worked vineyard, but is now 'wild' (so no grape taxes to pay)
We camped on the land for 9 months and started to create swales, but ran out of time when we got pregnant.
We now live in Tasmania and would love to sell cheap to a young enthusiast couple or individual.
There is a digger next to a small 'dam' that comes with it.
A small workers/storage hut.
Underground water tank
Some irrigation piping from the tank to the lower stretch of land.
There is 9 hectares of land.. stretching down into some fantastic ravines where the wild pigs run.

We paid E30,000 and it has recently been valued at E45,000.. but we would be happy with an offer around the price we paid..
I will work out how to post Google Earth images.. but want to gauge interest..

2 years ago
Lots of avocados (some from seed) grow around Hobart, Tasmania.. very similar climate to southern/south East England..
Should definitely be able to grow in protected areas.. plus there is a new-ish commercial avocado farm growing hectars of them in the north of Tasmania.. warm summers but pretty cold in the winter.. they do have awesome soil up there though.. the cooler temperatures means the fruit sit on the tree for longer.. but that creates a far richer, superior taste (apparently)
2 years ago