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Actually, so called "vegetarian" animals such as deer for instance are sometimes seen eating meat from dead carcasses. This can be quite shocking for some people, especially vegetarians, but this has been observed among other animal such as goats, horses, cows... It's not something that happens everyday, but id does happen occasionally.
1 month ago
Agree with you ^^, even though I can't help with any details
And, do not wish to turn this into a vegan-meat eater debate, but animal product do really help for teeth... BUT, on the other hand., too much meat and animal protein have a very bad effect on kidneys, and weak kidneys = a weak overall system. In chinese medicine, strong kidneys = strong health. While we in the west put more focus on the heart, in the east the kidneys are seen as essential.
So, there is, in my view, not one perfect diet, it's about finding a balance, can be real hard though.
1 month ago
I think there are many factors... I really believe that some people have different needs than others, some people do well with a lot of carbs, and some people manage with a lot of proteins, and some people don't.
Paleo has a lot of advantages, but too much nuts and seeds can be a problem for many.
And allergies are seen are something like "an exception", when actually there are so many of us who suffer from the same allergies. All these people who have gluten allergies or nut allergies, it's not just "bad luck", but different metabolisms and needs.
But in general, in the west nowadays, food is very much based on gluten/grains and dairy, and theses 2 are often bad for teeth. Paleo is what many living in west need now... I think we maybe have different needs depending on what kind of diet we've had in the past. If you've been a raw vegan for some time, chances are you need some meat/animal products for you teeth. If you were a huge meat eater, more greens would be beneficial.
Fruits are sometimes seen as bad, but if we have a balanced diet, they are a very wholesome food giving a lot of energy. We need variety of different food to find the right balance, and listen to our needs.
1 month ago
I vote for chicken. Big time. I love a whole roasted bird plus that crispy skin. Not as easy (and as tasty?)  to eat cow skin. Easier to eat the different parts of the bird. (on the other hand, no hide/learther from a chicken).
A walking chicken versus a walking cow: the earth gets trampled and hard and less alive with very heavy animals. Less diversity of plants that can survive hoofs.
Eggs: some call them "hen-fruits", you just pick them... easier to get than dairy.
Butchering a cow versus a chicken? Never butchered anything, but a chicken I could handle, a cow, not.
Dangerous bulls, can attack and seriously harm and kill people.
Bird versus mammal: as a former vegetarian and vegan, feels better to choose the more "alien" species. I definitely feel less related with a chicken than a cow. (no, I don't feel very cow-like, but you get the point).
If one needs dairy, goat/chicken much easier to keep. Maybe less plentiful milk, but people consume far too much dairy nowadays. And most cows around nowadays are freaks of nature... I feel sorry for these cows.
A rooster in the morning or those cow sounds ?... I go for bird!

2 months ago
Cooked nuts and seeds mights be maybe a bit more digestible, but even there, should also be used very sparingly.
Btw, cashews can't be eaten raw, they are always steamed before being sold (otherwise they would be inedible/poisonous).
Not only bitter almonds are poisonous, but even sweet almonds have some poison in them. Soaking might make things a bit less worse, but it's not optimal food for us.
2 months ago
A lot former rawfoodists will say how bad they felt after a longer time, when eating too much nuts and seeds. It's possible to do it for quite some time before the body reacts, or before you realise that actually you're not feeling good.
I've had quite a lot contact with former rawfoodists... And there's a lot of them, but not always visible out there. Rawfoodism is a bit of a trend, some people are just "hobby rawfoodists", going raw once in a while and feeling the benefits (of course), but doing it 100% with a lot of nuts and seeds for years? Ask those who've really done it. It's not optimal food for us.
2 months ago
btw, seeds are not good as a staple, should be used VERY sparingly, full of anti-nutrients. We are not birds and do not have the same digestion as birds. Their faeces is white btw...! No, but seriously, seeds are great as an extra ingredient, not a staple.
2 months ago