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Recent posts by Lana Weldon

I would like to dress in furs, or havr some sort of fur blanket, when cold indoors, but where to get fur nowadays? I dont want any from caged animals, and sure, wool is great, but nothing compared to fur. Racoon fur coats used to be popular in the US (in the 20/30s?). Even sheepskins jackets are hard to find, only second hand if you're lucky.
1 year ago
I would be interested in possibilities in Europe, and I am flexible with locations and countries. Anyone out there also keen on joining forces to create a permaculture community without (or wth limited) wireless? Many possibilities, interested in further discussion.
1 year ago
Beeches have their also own charm, and even though they are shade tolerant (unlike oaks for instance), they have shallow root systems and are easily affected by drought. With increasing number of storms, they get easily toppled over, the 1987 big storm in the UK affected a huge number of beeches.
Beechnuts feed also a lot of wild animals, moths and butterfly caterpillars, and the tree is popular among birds needing a cavity to nest.
1 year ago
I have had so many different favorite trees, depending where I was , and if travelling to new areas, etc...
I love them all, well maybe not the invasives...
One of my top favorite is  probably the oak. Everywhere I was, in my past and childhood, the focus was on FAST growing trees, so I am attracted to the opposite. Oaks also attract a lot of different wildlife, birds and bugs.
But hazel, birch, linden, ash, alder, chestnut, apple, plum, cherry and walnut are also great favorites, for this part of Europe.


1 year ago
I might move to In south of France, there is a farm there with quite a lot of land mostly meadows but also some wooded areas as well, and it's quite a green place.
Looking for people, couples or small families who might want to be part of this place with many possibilities.
Open for different projects: food forests, planting fruit and nut trees, vegetables,  maybe keeping smaller animals, natural building/renovation and much more.
I would prefer a lifestyle not too attached to screen addictions and wireless, and finding a good balance for all sorts of different activities.
There are nice small villages around, as well as some small bio farmers in the area.
Quite nice and diverse area, Pyrenees not that far. The farm is located on an area with rolling hills.
Happy to hear from you!

1 year ago
Hyssop can be used as a tea, quite nice, and is also used in herbal blends for various dishes. Agastache has a different taste,  really nice and quite intense, good for teas and even sirups, a bit like mint, but has a very distinctive flavour, for mint lovers this might be something to try.
1 year ago
For gums there are many herbs and roots and barks to use. astringents barks are very efficient.  Can be done first thing in the morning before eating.
When it comes to brushing your teeth, dont do it directly after you've eaten, as it may damage your teeth.
Consuming dishes/teas with lemon/orange rinds really improves the bacterial composition of the mouth.
1 year ago
I heard that snares often capture and kill cats, unintentionally. I was wondering, how can you know what kind of animal will get caught?
I'm not against hunting etc, just curious if you know more about these issues?
1 year ago
Hi there, looking for people, couples, and/or families who wish to join me, help me or guide me finding and buying some land/homestead/farm somewhere in Europe to create a foodforest, plant fruit and nut trees, do some natural building, maybe keeping some animals, and  living near nature. The people around me are not into this, and I wish to get to know likeminded people to start a new life together and create a homestead.
I'm flexible with countries in Europe, happy to hear from you and any sort of suggestions are very welcome.
nice why aren't there any places like this in Europe?
2 years ago