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My German friend says funny things when speaking in english. Some examples: "brush my tooth", "wash my hairs", "brain attack" (not a heart attack... I think he meant a stroke), "I have a dry coffin" (he meant that he had a dry cough). There are others, can't remember them right now.
3 weeks ago
I have been pushing for a long time for the forgotten "carb on trees", chestnuts...! I really think that this is the way to go if you need carbs in a bit colder climates.'
Grubs, grasshoppers, crickets and other can also provide very high  quality nutrients not available in plant foods. Of course, the colder the climate, the less grubs.
I think it can be a bit misleading to just talk about calories, it's really about the quality of the calories as well, and a balance and variety of nutrients etc.. Stuffing yourself of wild greens might actually harm you more that feed you, with a lot oxalates and anti-nutrients, but using them in combination with protein, carbs or other might be a great way use them.
Many are reluctant to plant chestnut trees because they take so many years to mature (and maybe also because of disease risk). Still, I think it would feel great to contribute to our children and their kids
1 month ago
I am open to different locations in Europe, I have realised that climate/location is not everything. It's also good to have like minded people around. I have a bit of savings to buy some land etc, either I do it alone, or together with others, or in an area with other permies.
First the obvious: (more or less) organic, and non-toxic products on site. Also, I am an omnivore, and I think people should be able to make their own food choices. I also prefer an area with not too much electromagnetic pollution: not too much wireless would be preferred, and no wifi. Some mobile calling when really necessary, but otherwise either landline or some other cable bound solutions for internet and phone.
I wish to have dry toilets (no septic tanks), grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting.
Difficult to say what to focus on, it all depends on the climate and possibilities of the site: forestgarden, reforestation if needed, fruit trees if appropriate, earth works, animals if not disturbing ecosystem/land (fowl? goats? sheep? not necessarily, it all depends, but I would prefer small/medium sized animals and avoid bigger ones such as cows).
And for a home: some sort woodland house, passive house, or tiny house, just some examples, or just eco-renovate an existing one.
Tell me what you think. I am definitely not an expert and open to different solutions.

1 month ago
And I found lots and lots of walnuts nearby a small town park, nobody was caring about them, it's amazing that in this student town, the young ones really do not care about foraging. The squirrels were not happy when they saw me lol, so I left them a whole bunch. It's nice to see the red squirrels thriving around here.
1 month ago
Plums, blackberries, tart/semi tart cherries, raspberries, blueberries, figues, grapes, depending on area/climate.
Also in warmer/tropical areas:. mangos (mostly on roadsides, so not really wild), tamarind (the dark brown sour sort, delicious), jujube.
And once, only once did I find "hjortron", cloudberry, in Scandinavia. Also called the "Gold of the forest". You can purchase it as a jam in Scandinavia, probably one of the most expensive berries in the north.
1 month ago
You need to consider first of all practical issues, if you can own/buy own land, resident permits, if not, visa runs to the border, etc... Or, you might find a girlfriend from a tropical area, and marry, maybe, but be aware that if might be for the wrong reasons ... Then there is the issue with language, security etc... and not everything is rosy in the tropics: big snakes and a lot of bugs, monsoon, thunderstorms, different customs (good and bad).
But yes, I know that many of us are more suited to warm climates, but you live in the US, and you have a huge diversity of climates there, maybe you should consider to start looking there?
I was a long time like you, asking, "where?", but in fact, you might also need to consider "with whom", (a partner, a friend, a group, a community, a neighbourhood).
1 month ago
Here is another site also noting that people worldwide die every year because of septic tanks, because of tank lids collapsing, gases and falling in:

1 month ago
And also present are parasitic worms (and their eggs), cryptosporidium, coliforms. Also septic tank effluents contain BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), is like a food for bacteria, and the more BOD, the more bacterial growth, which in turn consumes oxygen dissolved in the water and could lead to suffocation of fish etc and lower water quality.
Ammonia is also released in the environment, and is toxic to fish, even in quite small amounts.
1 month ago
And, apart from contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, (...), and trichloroethylene, you can also find : toluene, methylene chloride, benzene, chloroform, and other toxic chemicals, pesticides, paint, antifreeze and a lot of other cleaning solvents/products, and also heavy metals when the toxic chemicals corrode the metal pipes.
1 month ago