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Harvest and eat them fried or roasted. Check maybe the species, if edible, but normally if colours are not too bright/colourful, it is safe, but make sure to check it. In Thailand they were affected by a huge plaque of grasshoppers on their maize fields in an area where the local normally didn't  eat insects, and the government asked them to harvest and eat them, and now, besides from having acquired a new habit, they are making more money by selling the grasshoppers than the maize itself. Grasshoppers are a delicacy and people pay quite a bit of money for them, and not only in Asia.
Ever eaten a banana with seeds in it? The best, tastes amazing, have had those in S E Asia (not that common), not sure what kind of banana you've got, if its a clone or not, but probably it is. I saved the banana seeds for many years,  but dont have them anymore.
Thank you for all the great support from all of you, very inspiring and useful advice, you have given me new hope and I feel much more driven now to move on. Thanks again
1 week ago
So here I am with quite a few dreams, ideas, and a wish to do something, but I am surrounded by people not interested in the same things as me, with a very different lifestyle and usually not into permaculture (unless it would be about growing  that weed you can smoke, then some would be interested I think). I am not a musician, but somehow I am surrounded by musicians... Not sure why, anyway, most of them here are totally absorbed by their hobby and music, some even build music instruments. But you can't eat music, be sheltered by music and so on.... I really value music and musicians, it's not that, it's just that it has taken over their lives, and they are absolutely not interested in lowering themselves to work the earth, the land, care for plants/animals or even build homes/sheds etc...
I am personally very tired of everything connected to music, I have been reading a lot about permaculture, but somehow I am stuck in a bubble here.
I also have a very different type of lifestyle then those people: I dont smoke at all, I drink very occasionally, and eat much more home cooked food, read a lot... I am seen as a bit  of a nerd maybe, boring and slow, because I am not a musician.. We are going different ways, and it get more obvious everyday. I do not wish to have breakfast with people around me smoking in my face, and not even asking for permission if they can smoke, and coughing loudly because of their unhealthy habit.
How to change my place and situation? I feel stuck here, but wish to buy land and have a ton of ideas ! But I cannot do this completely alone. So, what you do?
1 week ago
Heard of a pepper who had invested a lot in silver, but got himself in a difficult situation somewhere far away, and lost quite a few pounds, in body weight. You can't eat silver and gold.
1 week ago
Yes! we need more activity here, I really wish we could focus more on edible grubs.
Bee larvae is often forgotten, beekeepers sometimes want to get rid of the future "males" (?) and if you are lucky, some beekeeper are happy to give them away for free.
1 week ago
Also interested in a penpal, both in and outside of Europe, pm me if you wish to exchange letters. Not living off-grid at the moment, but I plan to, and have done so in the past, so also nice read about your life and experiences living off-grid, but also interested all sort of other topics and permie talk.
1 week ago
I remember the nice jujube trees when travelling in Asia, they are great because they keep well and dont spoil easily, and there was very alsways a huge bounty under the trees, not sure why no one else was interested?
1 week ago
Thanks Anne for the link
1 week ago
what about eating apples that are on the ground, they actually taste the best. Apples on the tree are very often still unripe.
There is a joke among fruitarians, about Adam and Eve:  they should not have eaten the picked apple from the tree, but should instead have eaten one from the ground, and that was the reason they were thrown out of the garden lol
Well anyway, I can say that concerning some fruits (not all of course), dropped ones taste the best. But there could be a bit of alcohol content in some.
1 week ago