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No one else out there a bit worried for 5G?
Would be nice to connect with others who wish to avoid excessive high frequency radiation, not only/necessarily in Sweden, I am actually flexible with different areas and countries...
There are many possibilities: people could buy separately their own place, in the same area/neighbourhood, or together, find a bigger place. Or live in tiny houses.
Also interesting would be how to learn how to build in such way so the radiation is minimised, both the low and high frequencies. Also, the wiring of a house etc can have a big impact, for instance.

1 week ago
Btw, have noticed that if I try to explain that I have issues with wifi/mobile masts etc, many people think my problems are imagined, but if I say that my horse/animal get sick from it, than suddenly they think it is interesting. Taking other fellow humans seriously more difficult than caring for the wellbeing of other animals, for some.
Also I remember a story about a man in the countryside in England who had bought an old house, and there was bees/a nest, he tried all sort of things to get rid of them, nothing worked, then one day he installed wifi, and they all vanished. Sure, it might be difficult to prove this really happened, still there are more than one studies confirming the connection with wifi and the disappearance of insects.
3 weeks ago
Been sensitive since the 90's, when people started to use mobile phones and mats where starting to come up. Nice that finally people start to talk about this, better late then never. Having wifi from neighbours is a big issue for me: imagine the analogy of passive smoking. Smoking for instance. was not seen as dangerous in the 50's, by the establishment.
I have noticed that young plants, or sprouts can sometimes be affected by a lot of high frequency radiation, and not develop properly or die early.
Some trees die from the top: oaks have been seen to have the top branches dried up/dead because of the radiation from high masts, a phenomenon not seen before. Other trees, with roots in or near water/river, can get affected/die/get sick, because water is a conductor for some types of radiation, and some trees have become irradiated.
In Latvia, pines have a much lower germination rate of seeds, and there is an increase of resin production, a sigh of stress.
On the other hand, some plants have become unnaturally big: nettles in some area have been getting unnaturally huge, radiation is suspected to be the culprit.
We know the effect on bees: disorientation, desertion, getting lost, not finding the way home, disappearance.
Horses getting sick and recovering when placed in area far from mast. Same for pigs.
Chicken eggs: only 1/4 of eggs hatched when exposed to radiation.
Birds and insects: a huge decline in numbers in the US and Europe. Birds have thin skulls, their feathers can act as receptors of microwave radiation, many species use magnetic navigation.
Some carrier pigeons not finding their way back home.
Rats: when affected by radiation, show clear signs of sleeping and memory disorders, aggressiveness.
Storks: number of fledglings much lower, if the nest is near the mast. A report in Spain noticed that young birds died from unknown causes, and bird couples often fought when building their nests. Sticks fell to the ground, and the couple didn't manage to continue. Some nests were never finished, and the storks just stayed passively in front of the antennae.
3 weeks ago
Actually, so called "vegetarian" animals such as deer for instance are sometimes seen eating meat from dead carcasses. This can be quite shocking for some people, especially vegetarians, but this has been observed among other animal such as goats, horses, cows... It's not something that happens everyday, but id does happen occasionally.
3 months ago
Agree with you ^^, even though I can't help with any details
And, do not wish to turn this into a vegan-meat eater debate, but animal product do really help for teeth... BUT, on the other hand., too much meat and animal protein have a very bad effect on kidneys, and weak kidneys = a weak overall system. In chinese medicine, strong kidneys = strong health. While we in the west put more focus on the heart, in the east the kidneys are seen as essential.
So, there is, in my view, not one perfect diet, it's about finding a balance, can be real hard though.
3 months ago
I think there are many factors... I really believe that some people have different needs than others, some people do well with a lot of carbs, and some people manage with a lot of proteins, and some people don't.
Paleo has a lot of advantages, but too much nuts and seeds can be a problem for many.
And allergies are seen are something like "an exception", when actually there are so many of us who suffer from the same allergies. All these people who have gluten allergies or nut allergies, it's not just "bad luck", but different metabolisms and needs.
But in general, in the west nowadays, food is very much based on gluten/grains and dairy, and theses 2 are often bad for teeth. Paleo is what many living in west need now... I think we maybe have different needs depending on what kind of diet we've had in the past. If you've been a raw vegan for some time, chances are you need some meat/animal products for you teeth. If you were a huge meat eater, more greens would be beneficial.
Fruits are sometimes seen as bad, but if we have a balanced diet, they are a very wholesome food giving a lot of energy. We need variety of different food to find the right balance, and listen to our needs.
3 months ago