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Recent posts by Adam Hicks

Was just coming to add this link to same article. Certainly an intriguing opportunity.
3 years ago
Took a weekend course from Dan Chiras at

He is an excellent resource for passive solar, solar, and Chinese Greenhouse theory and practice.

He has a very detailed book available.

3 years ago
Just discovered your posts and links.
MUCH LOVE for what you're doing.

I'd be interested in being in contact to offer support and exchange.
Will look for an email on your site.

What the Story Connective has done here should be done for every Ahupua'a (water shed) or Moku (Bio Region).
They have identified a key turning point of the island of Maui and are doing exceptional interviews and relevant histories which are brilliant!
This is permaculture in action.

Every thanks.

The discussion of governance and community as part of the permaculture process is challenging for me. Often, notice people are re-working new overlays to systems and not practicing what they are preaching or alternatively get so bogged down in a process that they miss the point of communication. That being said, I understand fully how important community dynamics are to any system, just admitting it is a topic I don't run to as first choice as projects to undertake. In my current researching I've come across two different sources that do resonate with me enough to feel worthy of sharing in the context of permaculture.

Both are from "FUTURISTS", I doubt (as is so often the case) any would actively call themselves Permies. They may or may not know of the work but do have some interesting perspectives on where the greater global systems came from and where they feel the are going. I'm sure they won't mind being included and perhaps should be recruited to the ways of permaculture more wholeheartedly.

1. Future Thinkers Podcast (54 min)
FTP036: Global Phase Shift with Daniel Schmachtenberger - a brilliant interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger about transforming the complex global systems and moving our world towards sustainability, decentralization, and finding purpose.

2. Barbara Marx Hubbard Shares Insights into the Wheel of Co-creation and The Planetary Awakening
This may be a bit more spirit based but brings together some people working on social organization. Her explanation of the conscious evolutionary cycle she sees emerging is touched on here. Not the best introduction to the concept but one that I felt fit most with community section and is more recent

Apologies if this is all known information to these forums, but I'm just getting to where I'm posting and not completely well-versed on existing content.
3 years ago
Saw this great interactive chart which breaks down energy from source to use in the US from all available data compiled by a guy named Saul Griffith at
He has used this data at Other Lab to identify opportunities for products that will have the most direct impact on reducing energy consumption.

Felt this was worthy for all those exploring energy and attempting to conserve.


Honestly, the chart is impressive but can be challenging to use.
The links to these YouTube videos is a great way to be introduced to the chart and the person who produced it.

The frist talk from one of the creators is very insightful on the chart. The second is just interesting to watch.

When you have time, please let me know any thoughts you have.

1. Full Talk: Long but worth it from about 5 min in to end:

2. Another talk by Saul (a bit free-form but insightful):

3 years ago