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Processed meats and cheese are high histamines.  But if your diet and  your body are fully functional there is some histamine cancellation DAO or  something like that around the tail end of the gut tract.  I only have a ged, but if I were to try to guess what the cause would be I would guess histamines, goes into inflammation, goes into health problems.

3 weeks ago
I have a York in Southern Or. 8b.  I’m really mediearanean with a summer drought in a foothill and it’s OK.  I imagine humid summers east coast 8b is going to be better.  

We have wild blue EBs here but only along creeks in canyons with dappled light and plenty of moisture.  Same sort of environment as vine maple.
1 month ago
I don't have one of those RMH but when my woodstove smokes abnormally at start up it's someone has a fart fan on in a bathroom or in the laundry room.  For this case it is from a vacuum before the draft is established. Starting those same fans after it's up and running doesn't cause it.
3 months ago
I keep a little shovel in all my cars.  It's short handled, but it's made by cold steel so that's a knife company.  Its mainly a tool, but push come to shove I'm pretty sure it would function stack.
5 months ago
My existing or wild plant associations are pretty much poison oak and a bulb soaproot (Chlorogalum).  Chop and drop of that bulb would be pointless because of its metabolism storing energy 18" deep.  It needs dug up.  That job was a pain in the groin when I got here.  Lots of woodchips manure and a new tool, a trenching shovel have greatly improved the task nowadays.
5 months ago
For those who have a bench mounted vise and frequently don't use it for things you don't want scratched or crushed I recommend these padded vice jaws.  I got the idea from a James W., Rawles book I think.  They hold my bar when I'm doing something by hand with my chainsaws.    However that's not the extent of their usefulness it's been a great upgrade to the bench vise.

5 months ago
A lot of directions on commercial nursery trees say not to fertilize, or to hold off for first three years.  It’s not like annuals with their flash or ephemeral life.
I enjoy Stefan Sobkowiak youtube shorts and in the last one he talks about aphids being a sign of out of balance fetilization and ussually too high of N.
In it he had an example of a guy who had a habit of peeing near a tree, and that one convenient tree having more aphids than the others that they thought were grown in the same conditions. There is more than one way to gently naturally raise that N.  One of the meals would move your ph towards neutral and add N; I don’t remember which one.

I was looking for a foot of new growth on 3 year old on site +2 year at purchase walnuts and didnt get it.  So I tried composted chicken manure and still didn’t get it.  So I tried a blood offering and still didn’t get it.  I have acidic soil in a mixed forest and my compost is mostly fungal chicken droppings in woodchips.  I dont know what my limitation is but most trees don’t need much Nitrogen and I now believe through observation that wasn’t my limitation this year.
6 months ago
MeWe has an admirable business model but nowhere near the participation of FB.  Yet.  For instance I follow a Jack Spirko TSP "for if times get hard or even if they don't" group on both.  And there is alot more participation on the FB version.  That group is for kicking ideas around not regional commerce but mewe has those too.  I just use my nearest cities craiglist search farm and garden for my local yocal commerce.  So for me:


I'm not in medford but its closer than the other choices so thats where I look.

Did you see Dr Redhawk's recent reply on grime?  Some grime would be oily and water alone doesn't cut it very well.

I don't like poo-less, I smell my hair after a couple days so pretty safe bet others can smell it too.  However I just spent about 75 days without bar soap almost.  The shampoo run-off would have ran across pretty much every hot spot and have had some incidental cleaning but what I relied on mainly was warm showers and a shower brush on the end of a stick form factor. The shower brush feels better than a wash rag on thick skin.  I had a minor problem with my face like a plugged pore and used old time shaving soap and a washrag on the facial hotspot.  I also had a couple plugged pores and hair follicles on my legs too; it felt nice to end the experiment.  I don't want to use soap daily neither do I want to go 75 days between.  I don't think it makes sense at all to use products that you have to compensate for by turning around and using other products (like conditioner lotion, and moisturizer).  On the other hand a lot of the crap they want to sell us depends on advertising (soap opera reference) not on real needs driving sales.

I'm also learning how to use a straight razor because it isn't disposable plastic and it didn't come in wasteful packaging neither did the bar of shaving soap.
8 months ago
If you have private property, do stewardship on your piece of private property and find something new that worked better in your context then good on you.  You get rewarded with some fresh clean food, or some new whiz bang (or old Russian) way to heat your home more efficient or myriad of other possibilities.  And better yet if you put the info out and share it (like on permies) then the body of knowledge poor 3rd world and rich 1st world alike could benefit from gets even better.  We're all in this together, but prioritizing a personal garden before commons just makes sense to me.

If some disease ravages our race again I'll be able to quarantine me and mine a little bit longer, if grand solar minimum or global warming or peak oil causes crop failures well me and mine will be eating a little bit longer.  I get a 100 day drought pretty much every summer and I believe I could learn to get some plants through the 100 days with saturated woodchips and no irrigating.  But I haven't achieved this yet and I don't think it's possible with plants not appropriate to my climate.  So I'm going to continue trying to do my private stewardship thing, with woodchips under chickens, then composted, then mulching perennials.  If I learn something really cool along the way;  I am going to share it with a glad heart.
8 months ago