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since Mar 27, 2017
Northwest Arkansas
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Recent posts by Lisa Lynn

I built the largest Earthbag home in Arkansas. I think it's the largest. No one has challenged me yet. Its a 25 ft circle joined by another 20 ft circle. If you have one larger please let me know! Its been 10 years in the making and still a work in progress. You can find it on Zillow!

1 year ago
See more on zillow fsbo
2 years ago
Wagon wheel style beam across a 25ft span
2 years ago
We built our earthbag home with beams going from wall to wall on a 19ft span in the master bedroom. And a center white oak post (12" diameter, 9ft tall) in main living area with a wagon spoke like center fanning out. Both have worked well! The beams were purchased at a local saw mill. 4" x 8" thickness. The beams were about $30 each
2 years ago

Earthbag Home off Grid on 20 Wooded Acres for sale now!
Aquaponics Greenhouse Start up Business included!

Prepper or Survivalist Dream House with Aquaponic Greenhouse! $300,000
Off-grid Earthbag Home on 20 wooded acres, 3 bedrooms, 1bath, 1000 watt Solar Panels, 12 super PowerSafe 12V190F Telcom Battery Bank, Invertor,  on-demand Water Heater, 2 rocket mass heaters, 2 foot thick earthbag walls filled with crushed limestone, stucco inside & outsidet, wall to wall decorative mosaic, main room 25ft circle, master bedroom 19ft circle, passive solar sunroom, 8" of dense styrofoam on rooftop, set up for water collection, lots of extras!
Also included: Start up 30 x 70ft Aquaponic Greenhouse with 15ft x 30ft Fish house with 1400 gallon capacity, some media beds set up plus buried lines, lots of materials included!
Also: Paved road, traditional organic garden, fruit trees, sm chicken houses, outdoor adobe oven, great hunting, lots of native stones, timber, 8 min to Beaver Lake & Lost Bridge Campgrounds, 15 min to Rogers, 20 min to Bentonville, AR.
8 years in the making on 20 acres: Earthbag house with Aquaponics Greenhouse Business! Bug out in this storm-safe hideout or create a intentional community with family & friends...your choice! You will love this eco-friendly green home with no utility bills! Possible Owner Financing with down payment!
2 years ago