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Hello Everyone,
My name is Joe, I'm 29 yrs old. I am a non cigarette smoker and I drink rarely. I'm a pretty goofy guy with an odd sense of humor. I learn quickly, especially if I am hands on. I'm confident I can get almost any job done by my own hands or by bringing different knowledge / solutions to the table.
Between 2009-2013 I was maintaining TF33 aircraft engines. Before that I was working odd jobs, having fun, and doing a little bit of college.
2013-2015 I was traveling through the US and spent a year traveling in Australia seeing some cool things and meeting some awesome people.
2015- Present I returned to school at Prescott College in Arizona studying adventure education and sustainable community development. Some family issues arose and decided being closer to family was more important. I now live near Charlotte in North Caroina

> Computers
> Electronics
> Aircraft Engine Maintenance (3.5 Years USAF)
> Basic Building / Carpentry
> Basic First Aid
> Basic Landscaping
> Can Manual Transmission Vehicles
> Nutrition & Exercise (Self Taught)
> Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Cert (have not been practicing for awhile though)
> I am also spending my time studying various subjects that interest me.

At this time I am entering a career as an elevator technician apprentice. Do to the time constraints of working full time.
> I would like to spend 1-2 days helping and learning as much as I can. I am hoping to return to hosts consistently to see projects through to the end.
> I would like to work with other volunteers. I am interested to work in all types of climates with all types of plant and animal life.
> I would like to focus a lot on carpentry and woodworking, but that being said I would enjoy doing anything.

> Permaculture
> Biofuels
> Carpentry & Woodworking
> Sustainable / Alternative Living Practices
> Boating / Sailing
> Yoga
> Nutrition
> Vehicle Maintenance
> Sustainable Building Methods
> Renewable Energy Technologies
> Interior & Exterior Construction / Building
> Scuba-diving

> Develop positive long lasting relationships with locals and other volunteers
> Submerse myself in the regions culture and environment
> Gain useful knowledge about the regions people, culture, and environment
> Attempt to understand the people and their way of life
> Use the knowledge I've gained to grow personally
> See what other amazing things this planet has to offer
> Learn new beneficial skills
> Discover my passions
> Give back in someway as a thank you for everything I have been given
> Gain a new/different understanding of people, life, the world
> Gain a better understanding of my culture and of myself

When I'm not working or volunteering, I would like to get out and explore as much as possible.

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Recent posts by Joseph Kemp

Hey Cai,

Saw your post and I was wondering how the search has gone. I am in a similar situation here in the Carolinas.
1 year ago
Hey Rita,

I recently moved to the area and I am poking around to see what opportunities there are to get into commercial small scale agirculture. Just came across this post. I know its a bit old, but I was wondering how the market garden is going??
1 year ago
Hey Permies Community,

My name is Joseph I recently moved to the Green Creek area in Polk County where I have been working for a small custom furniture company in Landrum SC and as a part time farm hand. I am hoping to get into small scale commercial agriculture. I would like to spend the next year / growing season learning the process of putting seeds into the ground, cultivating them, then getting food to customers. I have some basic knowledge, but I am definitely a novice.

I am hoping to do this while still working at the furniture company. Its a great job and its something I want to get better at. I usually work M-F 9-12, but sometimes an extra hour or two may be required.

Here is a link to my HelpX Profile which will give me more info about me and I have attached my resume.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line.

HelpX Profile
1 year ago
Hey M Foti,

I know this post is a bit old, but I thought I would reach out anyway. I may be relocating to the Tryon area and am in the process of meeting other people interested in / working in fields that I gravitate to. If you need any help some time or wouldn't mind showing me around the farm please let me know.

1 year ago
Hey everybody!

I was just introduced to and I am pumped about finding this awesome community. I moved to Charlotte about a year ago and I would like to transition to somewhere near the Asheville area.  I am hoping to find work in the area of farming, gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry or some other trade skill.

I am working part time for 10$ an hour and it simply isn't enough. I have come to a point in my life where I want to enjoy my day to day work and at the same time have enough to cover bills and savings. I spend my weekends traveling to the Tryon NC area to help out a couple on their property. Picking pastures, feeding pigs and horses, landscaping, building projects, misc projects, whatever needs to be done. I find that I really enjoy it for some reason and I am looking to spend more time working like this.

I am not looking for an ideal / picture perfect situation just trying to see what is out there.

Any suggestions of people or businesses to contact?

I have attached my resume and added this link to provide a bit more information that isn't covered in the resume

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Peace out permies!
1 year ago