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tree crop and perennial vegetable enthusiast. co-owner of the Asheville Nuttery and the Nutty Buddies orchard group.
musician, forager, cook, beverage savant.
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Recent posts by greg mosser

drying and cooking are known to increase digestive issues with pawpaw, definitely.
3 days ago
looks a lot like a pinyon seed, but i’m sure there are others that look similar.
5 days ago
yeah, those are edible. they look to be long beans, a family of cowpeas, Vigna unguiculata. the whole pods are edible too, especially when they’re young and tender.
1 week ago
i have had the same bay tree since i was 8, in 1986, pruned into a bush shape. it’s in a pot that i bring in when it drops below 20°F. i’ve had it lose its leaves at around 16°. when well established it would probably be fine to lose and regrow leaves repeatedly but i try to avoid it. i bought at a local farm stand/greenhouse business, and i see them at similar kinds of places now.
1 week ago
white family oaks almost always sprout fairly quickly in the fall (and thus do not require stratification), but red family (including turkey oak) generally sprout in the spring (and do need stratification).

i always get the best results by giving the seeds/nuts as normal a winter as possible. in or on soil, covered with soil or leaves or other mulch, and experiencing all the freeze/thaw cycles that my winter tends to throw at them. this tote you have them in - where is it? i might expect more problems at indoor temps/ambient humidity.
1 week ago
agreed, you can definitely pick up good acorns off the ground. the main thing to avoid is just the very first nuts to fall, since these are frequently aborted before they can fully ripen or fill out. but while the bulk of the mast is falling, you should definitely be able to get good ones.
1 week ago
trees will grow over nails etc eventually. 4000 trees is quite a few for this, but it is possible to pull nails out a bit every few years.
2 weeks ago
any updates? my weather has been pretty decent for sap so we put 7 taps in 6 trees and have been collecting sap for 4 days. going slow with wood stove and slow cooker, got nothing down to syrup level yet, but nice sweet sips here and there. of the 6 trees we tapped, 2 of mine are red maples, and they’re definitely doing the lion’s share of production, both in volume and sugar concentration, but the walnuts sure add good flavor! have brought in maybe 12 or 13 gallons of fresh sap so far, with another few days at least of decent weather for it…
2 weeks ago
the first step for any good permaculture design is observation. if possible it’s best to be there in all weathers and seasons just seeing what happens with water, with the winter path of the sun, etc before deciding where everything goes.
3 weeks ago
how many gallons is the slow cooker, though? when i’m really going for it i’ve got the slow cooker (it’s a pretty big 9 qt one), plus all the big pots in the house on the wood stove or stovetop, all going at once until the volume is reasonable to combine them.
3 weeks ago