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greg mosser

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since Apr 18, 2017
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tree crop and perennial vegetable enthusiast. co-owner of the Asheville Nuttery and the Nutty Buddies orchard group.
musician, forager, cook, beverage savant.
the mountains of western nc
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Recent posts by greg mosser

my guide is usually ‘when 1/3 of the leaves have turned yellow/brown’. that leaves enough ‘paper’ on the bulb to give good coverage.
2 days ago
Glad y'all get some chance to get away from the hubbub.  
Yep. Cyanide compounds are generally only a problem if you eat them.
5 days ago
They may cross some. It may not be a bad won't really know until you see how good the green beans are as dry beans and vice versa. I don't know that being good for either purpose needs to be mutually exclusive.
5 days ago
in my area, if you let them get very ripe on the plant, mulberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc, will all have some degree of worms in them. fruit flies. they don’t change the flavor any! i will accept the small addition of protein to my berry feast.
6 days ago
my experience was that they were fine for eating for at least a few years. i know i happily ate 2 and 3 year old roots when i had them…it has been a little while. if you weren’t as interested in getting seed, i suspect the flower buds are a decent vegetable too. i haven’t had them but i have had the buds from ‘normal’ salsify.
2 weeks ago
serviceberry. Amelanchier spp..

aka saskatoon aka juneberry
2 weeks ago
what breed/s of chicken? i suspect that can have an influence on how ‘into’ kibble they are, as opposed to forage.

i currently have 7 hens and 2 roosters, with full time access to food, and i think i’ve seen a local crow swoop in and steal occasionally, and they don’t go through anywhere near that volume of food.
2 weeks ago
my recollection from my food service days is that the ‘safe holding temperature’ was only good for a few hours and then everything that was still there would need to be chucked. not at all the same thing as storage. anything above 115 is technically cooking and food quality goes down as things continue to cook  - as you enumerated above. maybe there’s some particular foodstuff that can somehow skirt those issues but i don’t know what it is.
2 weeks ago
hope someone got audio of the josiah/mags whistle-duet that’s documented in that pizza party pic.
2 weeks ago