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a couple great sad songs from a great album

3 days ago
i can send you some of mine! aside from that i don’t really know. i see ‘bush’ or ‘semi-bush’ in descriptions from time to time, and you’d want to avoid those (frequently smaller stuff: delicata and some other pepos, some kind of ‘single-serving’ sized butternut, etc). there may some correlation with fruit size and vine length, because bigger squash need bigger vines to support them?

i have a volunteer orange acorn squash that popped up in the greenhouse that’s a pretty aggressive viner.
i’ve allowed my landrace moschata squash to climb whatever they could get to this year. they brought down a lot of the bigger weeds that i thought might be able to handle them and in one instance a larger squash pulled its own vine down off a fence it had grown up but not through.

i think you could be okay with anything with a decent vining tendency as long as whatever you’ve got them climbing is sturdy and especially if there’s a way you can make sure that the weight of squash isn’t just held up with tendrils, but that the vine itself goes through the structure.
foreground plant in third picture is milkweed. the next one, you’re right, is thistle.
5 days ago
legumes (Fabaceae) and grasses (Poaceae) are very different families of plants, but i think there are nitrogen-fixing bacteria that associate with some grasses if that’s what you’re after.

i feel like anything that’s really clumping in growth pattern won’t be able to outcompete lots of weeds until the clump is so big it’s a problem in its own right.
6 days ago
where are you located? second to last picture looks like a young hackberry tree.
1 week ago
i’m actually re-reading dune to my wife right now, it’s an old favorite. we’ll probably eventually see this. i’m pretty picky about how people handle well loved stories, so i just hope not to be too badly disappointed.
1 week ago
fwiw, they sweeten up quite a bit with curing, and the piney taste is all in the skin, so can be removed with peeling. sounds like sourcing is too much hassle anyway, though.
1 week ago
1 week ago

J Davis wrote:Are you sure thats edible? How do you know for sure?

sadly, i've gotten 'you know that's poisonous, right?' much more often.
2 weeks ago