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Recent posts by greg mosser

simplest water-boiling in that day’n’age was probably using a clay pot, and you add a rock that was heated in the fire to it.
7 hours ago
sure looks like a Physalis! not a species i’m familiar with, though.
5 days ago
this is one of those times i would probably go for one of those seam-cutting can openers. whatever you decide to make would be less dangerous anyway. i always seem to cut myself on the sharp edges on opened cans, even if i’m being intentional about trying to avoid it.
6 days ago
what are you trying to make? do you need seeds and skin separated out or just the skin?
1 week ago
also aphids.
1 week ago
from what i’ve seen (some hundreds of walnuts planted), it’s root first, then the shoot separates from that. either way, planting it out horizontally is a great way to simplify planting.
1 week ago
fun game! i’ve played it a few times, but i suppose somewhat more loosely, with both native and introduced plants. some parts of the year are definitely more tasty than others!
1 week ago
i’ve had some startlingly pink aphids on my common milkweed during the year, is why i was thinking aphid honeydew. funny that the bugs seem to match the flower color so well. that sooty residue could be powdery mildew in Asclepias, too. seems a farther stretch that the vespids would be interested in that, though…
1 week ago
any chance there’s also aphids on the milkweeds? those two pictured seem to be in ‘licking something up’ position, and honeydew from aphids (or other homoptera) seems a likely reason, there on the top of the leaf.
1 week ago
that’s great. bill is one of my partners at the nuttery. i didn’t know he had done that one.
1 week ago