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Hello from Perth, Western Australia...anyone else close by?
2 years ago
I work in an underground mine in Australia...i usually wear bridgedale hiking or darn tough socks but as I've moved to Australia I'd like to use something more local and I'm in need of a few pairs of work socks.
Anyone think these will last undground? There's dust and sweat and oil and sweat and friction and sweat and did I mention sweat for them to contend with.
I'd love them to be spot on so I can reccomend them to all my fellow miners instead of the plastic socks most people wear and get hole sin and throw out every 3 weeks
3 years ago
Okay here are some alternative uses:
Leave some around outside for wild birds to use as nest material (I do this with the contents of my own hair brush)

Use the wool to test natural dyes on to see what takes and what doesnt

Retain mositure and fertilise by putting a layer in the bottom of pots and hanging baskets

Cover up the smell of human if you're going hunting (?)

Felt a big rough sheet to use as a cover on a compost pile (will eventually compost)

Novelty felted accessories for pets

Rough felted wool could be used as kneeler pads in the garden or to sit on round the campfire

Washed and carded you could restuff old parka coats, oven gloves and anything else quilted

Just a couple of ideas
3 years ago
I've never rented out a well but I am a geologist and mining engineer and if you have relied on that well then I personally wouldn't rent it out because The mining company will rent your water from you at a wholesale price, if you have to buy in water from else where in an emergency you will pay a premium price.
Even if they don't pump the aquifer dry they can pump it hard enough to cause a 'draw down come' meaning a new well would need to be sunk.
European mining companies these days are heavily regulated and mostly  well behaved (There a couple of bigglobal  companies known for shady practice).                  
Unfortunately in the states you guys seem to have less regulation on mining and water use and many more, smaller mining operations and smaller companies don't have the huge budgets for PR departments that care about public relations  24/7.                  
Basically find other people they rent Wells off and ask about their experiences and get a very good lawyer to make sure any contract you enter into covers you properly.
4 years ago
I'm a geologist and mining engineer.
Gimmie all the good rock pics!
4 years ago
How to get 'heavy' jobs done and use tools that father's tend to teach their sons how to use.
Im a woman, I work in mining and I've had to teach other young women how to use a hand saw on the job!
As others have said it is better to be taught by similar body types due to reach, hand size and strength differences.

4 years ago
Here in the UK blackcurrant cordial is one of the most popular big brand drinks for kids. I had no idea it wasn't in the American pallet.  Balckcurrent jam, cordial, sorbet, compote or alcohol are probably the most popular ways to consume blackcurrant in the UK.
4 years ago
I'm a 24 year old millennial permie from the capital city of my little country and all but 7 permies that I know in real life are millennials. Only a few people I know own land but the rest of us are using urban plots, gurilla gardening and allotments to grow food. All of us who don't own land are in (mostly poor quality) rented accommodation and many are in  minimum wage jobs or unemployed.
I'm in Ireland and the UK though (I split my time) but I'd say there are more millennial permies here than older or younger ones
4 years ago
If you cut some willow branches and store them in a base or bucket of water they wil root and you suddenly have hundreds of living fence posts to make green fences and structures out of. That's what we have alot of I love them.
If you are short on dirt you can try digging a trench, throwing the branchhes in and covering it with the dirt you got out of the hole.
You'll likely get a few volunteer willows anyway and there's so many uses for willow. You can make your own rooting hormone for a start!
4 years ago
Dead hedges to retain topsoil?
Weve raised beds or little fences by bashing sturdy branches into the ground upright and weaving smaller sticks in and out of the uprights?
Woodchip mulch?
4 years ago