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Ramsons/wild garlic
6 days ago
OK so the bare bones to remember with a jaw crusher:
It's only crushing for 50% of the cycle time so it isn't very energy efficient
CCS means closed side setting (the nearest the Jaws get together)
If you set the Jaws too close together for the size of rock going in (ie you're asking the crusher to do too big a size reduction in one step) you will see the rock jump up and/or out of the crusher, the cycle will take longer and be even less efficient.
It is more energy efficient to screen using your grizzly or multiple of various sizes, run a batch of rock and get the CCS optimised, run all your rock of that size and put the product in a stock pile.
Then re process that stockpile with the CCS closer together.
Repeat and screen as required.
2 weeks ago
I love woodlands TV!
Their website also has good info on caring for and using woodland and you can buy woodlands there too if anyone is interested in land prices in the UK (that you can't even live on)
2 weeks ago
I am a geologist and mining engineer. Never used a mini jaw crusher but if you get one I would be really interested in the results.
I might be able to suggest some things to help you crush rock more efficiently if you're interested (jaw width, how big a reduction in block size etc)
2 weeks ago
I am doing my masters in Mining Engineering.
As an assignment I have to give  a 10 slide, 6 minute presentation on 'a contaminant of  emerging concern' and current and future remediation options.
I am keen to do agricultural run off but I'm finding it hard to find peer review on methods such as no dig to reduce sediment loss.
Anyone have experience of bringing permaculture into the scientific arena?
3 weeks ago
I have a couple in pots as big house plants in my flat. I love them but I wonder if they will ever fruit in pots. I also wonder if they could survive outside in conrwall, UK but I'm too attached to my house plants to try
1 month ago
I work 2 jobs, I'm doing a masters degree in Mining Engineering, volunteer with 2 groups and run my little veganic Permaculture site.
I'm also a terrible procrastinator.
What helps me is a bullet journal and getting up very early.
If I get up really early I can go flat out and if I'm exhausted I can happily crash into bed knowing I tried that day no matter how early or late I get into bed.
I also heard someone say once that of you do it before breakfast it's counts double and I swear this is true weather its running a mile or getting an important email sent if its done before breakfast it sends my day on a great productive arc and fosters more productivity but if I get tired or distracted later in the day at least I know I was giving it 100% this morning so I avoid the feelings of guilt and disappointment when I get off track with my habits.
I also deleted the face book app. I do have messenger app as its the main way we organise group work for uni
3 months ago
Hello from Cornwall! Welcome!
Looks like you have a dreamy set up there
3 months ago

In any house, i think you can safely assume it will take 150KG per square Meter.

So there are people who shouldn't stand in upstairs bedrooms...or have I got that wrong?
This has blown my mind
4 months ago
I bring a camera and if anyone asks I'm just doing a little nature photography... No has ever actually asked as of they look like they are going to a snap a picture.

I also own a lot of hi vis jackets as I'm a geologist. No has ever questioned me while wearing a high vis
4 months ago