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I’ve looked at white clover for paths as it stays short (good for walking on) and fixes nitrogen. I really love creeping thyme! I have never tried it tho.

Wood chips are always.
4 months ago
I like the distinctions in permie buyers. A conversion far-neighbor made an offer last year when I was not selling (drat the irony!)

The fact is, we are selling bc this geographic and socio-cultural area has become a deal breaker for my family. We ARE leaving. I guess that makes me a "motivated" seller, hah!

Didn't remember which were fenced?! She would if she spent Saturdays w a teenage son and a post hole digger!
Thanks for the great thoughts and commiseration.
Come on over, James, we'll talk!

I bought it for cash & hopefully can sell for cash as well.
Thanks for your thoughts, Tyler.
I am not trying to gouge anyone, I am talking intrinsic value.

Do I pay myself & family for our blood, sweat, and tears building these systems?

Even going with the idea of replacement value, do I factor in the fact that in rebuilding the same thing at a new location, I am 10 years older & working w only a 3 yo now instead of a handful of teens in the home like last time round?

It's not so simple. I think only a permie would appreciate the systems, tho.
We are thinking of selling & I have no idea how to evaluate the property.

I know what I paid for it undeveloped, how much I put into the house & water development... But what is the pasture worth after years of managed grazing? What about the fact that it is designed so things mostly run themselves? What about the amazing abundance from the compost- fed gardens?

There are many benefits an appraiser will overlook...
Thank you, Paul! And other posters...

It was like reading Pascal's Penses-- someone has previously thought and recorded the thoughts I would eventually have! I just hadn't found them until now!

Yes, the crazy! We are the family kooks in every family we claim...

Yes, the ICs tend to creep me out a bit... or seem like a different version of HOA.

I am really intrigued by what you offer. I will be searching and will be in touch regarding current offerings.

I am offgrid homesteading now, but in an area with too many venomous creatures (the slithery, the crawly, and the 2 legged). We are looking for a place that is somewhat more habitable by humans-- the non-cray cray type-- and we've learned to appreciate the idea of community.

BTW, in this area, I keep 5 cows, 5 sheep (sometimes more), and other pastured critters (mostly birds) on 10 acres, & they cannot keep up with the growth (ie, we must still occasionally mow some areas to keep vermin populations in check & even to make some areas navigable on foot... did you consider MIG or MOB grazing to decrease your acreage needs for cattle and  to multiply the growth potential of the pastures? Just curious-- is it a water shortage, a growing season shortage, or other management principle that makes so many acres necessary for 5 cows? I like to learn from everyone's management ideas, thanks.

Michael Bushman wrote: ... these grip modern screw bits perfectly...    

Despite my love for this thread and all the contributions, I am going to have to disagree with you, Michael. A brace does NOT grip modern bits perfectly! At least all those I have used barely grip modern bits at all! Fortunately, I know of two little mom-n-pop stores where I can usually find brace bits, both new(ish) and antique. Don't give up on a brace after trying it with a modern bit-- first use a bit that was designed for it, then decide if it's for you. C:
1 year ago