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Recent posts by Derrick Clausen

Still looking to find a permaculture like job. I'd settle for a nursery propagation job or similar. I prefer organic means for myself but can handle what others would do with their own endeavors so long as I'm not spraying roundup or whatever all over. Can't handle that as it crosses my boundaries too far.

I'm still propagating for myself and attempting gardens and such here. Been met with success and failure at various times. I sell online and have done so for around 7 years via eBay, etsy, and Craigslist. Right now due to time of year things are slowed as most my stuff is tropical. Also hurricane Michael wrecked my property up badly but thank God my house survived with only roof damage that is super serious. Got about 60 trees down on my three acres but now I have full sun lol! It'll all get cleaned up in time.

Need to work on getting easy propagating cold hardy stuff to support a greater year round operation. If anyone can suggest something it would be appreciated. Have a few things but variety is what brings the traffic and business. Need to pay bills and such for now so a job beyond my own is necessary for now. Want that to change though. It is very possible.

Right now working for a bee farmer fixing up his damaged house but I don't have anything to do with the bees yet at least. It's kinda a temporary gig until the house is done. He already employs many guys he's already had long term with the bees and won't really need me for that. Want to learn bees though and wouldn't mind a job in that field if it ever came along.

Anyways still on the lookout overall.

1 month ago
A list of things I'm looking to buy/trade for:

Edible Turk's cap hibiscus
A. manihot hibiscus
Edible day lily flower types
Wild hydrangea
Joe pye weed
Fennel seeds
Dill seeds
Chervil seeds
Anise seeds
Chilean guava plants/seeds
Cold hardy citrus
Cold hardy avocado
Passiflora incarnata seeds aka maypop
Good fruit quality cold hardy opuntia cactus types
Green tree collards(had a nice one from a member here but chickens got it...)
Perennial edible flowers like Dahlia etc
Taro and malanga varieties
Cassava varieties
Edible true yam varieties
Cold hardy fruit(Japanese raisin tree, melon berry, mayhaw, etc)
Tupelo seeds
Manuka seeds
Various pepper seeds
Ube tubers
Pigmented potato varieties
Rare sweet potato varieties
Marsh mallow seeds
What do you have you think has a place on any sustainable homestead?


Did order the newest edition of the Ball Blue Canning book. Very excited!

S Bengie those books are awesome! Had a good look through the contents after downloading them. Very useful!
2 months ago
Thank you sir! We used to make both water and milk kefir. The water kefir is still good. The milk kefir culture we lost due to leaving our home from hurricane Michael. Couldn't make it back until it had sat way too long and got very yeasty smelling in a not so appetising way. So the chickens that remained after the storm got it. Lost 5 of 22 chickens but could have been worse obviously.

We do kombucha too both one with black tea and sugar and another with Kratom tea and sugar. We like the honey and green tea type and used to make that one regularly too. Can't get good honey regularly enough now albeit we live in tupelo honey country. People feed them corn syrup all year due to lacking times of flowers...
2 months ago
What about "wild fermentation" also by Katz? Or should I go with "art of fermentation"? Both got me intrigued and figure they are likely similar in many regards. Comments on the better of the two?

Bought already " naturally sweet foods in jars". We don't completely avoid sugar though prefer the alternatives if possible. Couldn't help but not get that one! She'll definitely love that but I have the feeling I will too.

Gonna do the newest ball canning book then. Thanks for clearing up my question!
2 months ago
Ok new question...looking through books for sale online I see that there are many editions of the Ball Blue Canning book ranging from 1949, 1969, 1972, 1994, plus newer. I personally think the older ones are inclined to be more "natural" in nature generally speaking knowing how times have changed. However I could be wrong too as I haven't had the liberty to ever look through any of them. Any comments on an edition that is most preferable to any of you all?
2 months ago
Wow lots of replies since earlier! Some very good suggestions indeed from all of you!

I'm gonna order a book or two tonight. Definitely a good fermentation book and probably the Ball guide book since it sounds as if it's more of a good reference than tailored to buy store products showcase. Definitely need the ratios and times as per acidity etc.

Thanks again for the kindly help!
2 months ago
Thank you much! Those books will certainly be useful and will most likely become treasures in our home. I mainly started this thread to find a good canning book for my wife's Christmas present. She's a big fermenter too though. So I will likely buy one of these now for her too! Or both...however is there a good book on everything all in one? Or a book solely on natural ingredients only canning as well? I will look through the reviews section this evening myself but a finger pointed toward any of your all's favorite or most useful books is appreciated too!
2 months ago
Can anyone recommend a good book on naturally preserving foods especially with a largish section on canning time frames for various foods. Want not to buy a book by Ball or whatever in fears of it recommending use their store bought canning products other than the jars and lids themselves or recommending in every jelly recipe etc to just use a box of Sure Gel....we want to have recipes totally without products like that in the recipes.

Thanks for the help!
2 months ago
Here's what we do with our kid in regards to Halloween candy.

We take him out trick or treating as normal. Tell him to kindly thank the people for their candy etc. He knows beforehand that we don't eat that (sorry for the personal ideology) SHIT. We are strict organic eaters that don't even eat processed organic stuff most often if at all. However he knows all along that he's only enjoying the motions of the holiday. We for the sake of fairness (reluctantly) buy certified organic non GMO candies for him to replace the shittier candy. We don't really believe in the candy of any sort but it's a much better trade off buying a handful of organic candies once a year than outright taking everything good outta the holiday. At least its real cane sugar, fruit and veggie colors, and has no outright synthetics. I can DEAL with that a wee bit more so he can enjoy the holiday like most kids would. Then we give the shit candy to our relatives that don't care what they eat. Problem solved. Hope that helps someone!

2 months ago