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I'm in zone 8b in FL panhandle.

For some reason you can't easily search me out on eBay. Not sure why??? If I type in myself the way you find other sellers it doesn't come up???
3 months ago

S. Bard wrote:Hi Derrick,

I only saw your post today, but congratulations on your baby girl! I hope she grows up strong and healthy!

Your list of seeds looks nice! Unfortunately I'm in Europe so the shipping will be a bit too high for me. But I hope you'll find some nice customers here on the forum!

Best of luck!

Thanks Thanks for the kind words! Baby is doing great. Already eating her veggies! Still being breast fed though too.
3 months ago
In light of the situation going on here it might be wise to start growing food seriously. In which case buy some seeds lol!
3 months ago
Very interesting info thanks for your time! After lots of research that is the first time I had heard that. Sounds logical enough and definitely could have been the issue. We too do lots of other ferments so cross contamination is certainly possible as well.

We don't use Dawn soap. I know many plant growers and such find it safe enough to use etc. I'm on a whole different idea of what safe is though compared to most. I personally use Dr. Bronners Castile soap for dishware and basically everything else. I image that shouldn't effect the culture too badly if Dawn is acceptable to use either way. Unless maybe a truly over abundance of residue is left no matter what soap is used.

Anyways very much thankful for your input! I will keep that in mind if we want to do water kefir again. Would likely buy from you if we decide too. Especially since you are very knowledgeable on the subject and likely have stellar treated grains compared to random peoples online via eBay etc.
5 months ago
We used to do water kefir culture here with great success. Then one time we took a bunch of grains out to give to another person and all of a sudden they stopped replicating. The culture kept actively fermenting but refused to ever grow. After well over a year of continued brewing still no growth occurred. We finally just gave up on it due to not being able to make more to share regardless that we were drinking what was being made. Never could figure what happened. Nothing was changed otherwise. We tried all kinds of methods to kick-start growth again after awhile but to no avail.
5 months ago
Our new baby girl is here! She is a beautiful blessing!

I want to make EXTREME efforts to become the home business man I need to be. I want to be home with my family as any parent or spouse should. Please consider helping us with that goal!

6 months ago
Do you have any suggestions on building bat houses? I want to put some up in the yard eventually.
7 months ago
Hello any interested people! I'm offering seeds from our developing homestead. We will only grow by organic means often to the point of even hardly ever using even natural pest controls. Under extreme circumstances I may have to use something such as Bt, Spinosad, neem, natural oil and Castile soap sprays. However it usually is only in the event of an, "I must save this particular species", rarity. Fertilizing consists only of bunny manure, compost, chicken manure, and homemade fish emulsions. The bunnies and chickens are also our own production and are fed entirely organic non GMO natural diets of also our own making. There is nothing we don't know that in our plants. However in only the case of selling live plants we use a commercial OMRI listed mix since we cannot produce adequate amounts of potting soil onsite(yet). We are still getting established but I will list seeds on this thread of available species at this time. List may change as new things become available. All seeds grown on-site, hand harvested, and processed.

Any purchases truly helps us get closer to our goals of sustainability and a completely home based business. We are about to have our second child any time too as of the time of this posting. We can totally use your patronage!

Available species:

Roselle 25 seeds $2
Cowpea 50 seeds $2
Bok choy 200 seeds $2
Ethiopian kale 50 seeds $2
Red giant mustards 200 seeds $2
Lamb's lettuce 100 seeds $2
Lamb's quarters 100 seeds $2
Cilantro 75 seeds $2
Dill 50 seeds $2
Canna edulis 25 seeds $2
Psychotria alba berries 10 berries(2 seeds each) $2
P. viridis 5 berries(2 seeds each) $2.50
Heimia salicifolia 100 seeds $2
Oriental green(much like a Napa cabbage but not sure of exact species) 100 seeds $2
Papalo 50 seeds $2
Goldenrod 100 seeds $2
Porter weed 25 seeds $2
Jack sword bean 10 seeds $2
Luffa Gourd 25 seeds $2
Seminole pumpkin 25 seeds $2
Spaghetti squash 50 seeds $2
Jewels of opar 100 seeds $2
Cinnamon basil 25 seeds $2
Blueberry basil 15 seeds $2
American persimmon 6 seeds $2
Star fruit seeds 25 seeds $3 from quality trees I grew from seeds myself ten years ago

Please PM me for details. Shipping via USPS first class package with tracking to avoid roller machines crushing the seeds. Usually $2.50-$5 to ship in USA. Can do international too but will be up to $15 to most countries. Can do everything proper through PayPal for your protection. Or visit my eBay page under seller name "divineplants" or Etsy page under seller name "SixFlowersCrafts". Some live plants and kombucha SCOBY's available there too. Also on Etsy my wife makes handmade hemp jewelry.

Thanks for your consideration!
7 months ago