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Recent posts by Derrick Clausen

I'm interested to trade/buy several varieties of edible taro or similar species. If anyone is willing to trade/sell off some of their best edible types please hit me up! Interested in ones with big corms, edible stems, and edible leaves. Especially those of good edibility that are also more ornamental than just the green leaved types. Thanks for any help!
5 days ago
Freshly harvested seeds of pea eggplant. Great perennial species for permaculture application. Makes mini eggplants! Supposedly has medicinal value as well. Asking $4 for 200 seeds plus shipping via USPS first class package with tracking and to avoid roller machines crushing the seeds.

Thanks! Derrick
3 weeks ago
First I must say I bought tubers the season before last and was very happy with my order.

Otherwise some words of encouragement for you sir to keep doing what you do. The way I see it there are few people these days doing the kind of work you're doing. It's a great service to the preservation of genetic diversity and development of new natural genetics without bastardized GMO BS methods. I figure it's rough digging all those roots and collecting the seeds but it's the work of God in my opinion. It's really awesome what your doing. I know monetary values make it hard to want to continue doing things that take more effort than reward. However it's such a great investment in the future of the species you're working with that please try and view it as charity work for reality as we know it. I'm sure you do to some extent but please keep on keeping on with your projects! I'm sure other permies will concur.

Thanks for what you do!
4 weeks ago
Live rooted plants available now:

Brazilian spinach
Longevity spinach
African blue basil
Pereskopsis spathulata
Banisteriopsis caapi
2 months ago
Many of these species available now.
3 months ago
Seedling plants available in 4" pots.
3 months ago
These species are available now. Hit me up!
3 months ago
I'm in zone 8b in FL panhandle.

For some reason you can't easily search me out on eBay. Not sure why??? If I type in myself the way you find other sellers it doesn't come up???
7 months ago

S. Bard wrote:Hi Derrick,

I only saw your post today, but congratulations on your baby girl! I hope she grows up strong and healthy!

Your list of seeds looks nice! Unfortunately I'm in Europe so the shipping will be a bit too high for me. But I hope you'll find some nice customers here on the forum!

Best of luck!

Thanks Thanks for the kind words! Baby is doing great. Already eating her veggies! Still being breast fed though too.
7 months ago