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It will be permitted, just not as a residence. This county doesn't care about almost anything either. They don't care about water, which for now I'm hauling.
1 year ago
Yep! Plus both areas have water sports, you can even do regular surfing in Lake superior! Wind surfing in the gorge as well as superior!

If i didn't live in the gorge area I would be in the UP in a HEART BEAT! Great place!
2 years ago
I would only go to two places. One is almost anywhere just on the other side of the cascade mountains, that is the east side. That way your protected from the possible catastrophic earthquake that is expected as well as the already existing radiation from Fukushima and any future meltdowns from the earthquake or anything else. It gets tons of sun and varying amounts of wind so green energy is easy. It gets a pretty decent amount of rain although is significantly dryer than west of the cascades. It also has lots of mountains which are scenic as well as holding snow which melts and feed the rivers and streams all year long. We are rather well protected from climate change (or so they say) as we have the cool air from the Pacific as sort of natural ac. Fertile soils and a WIDE variety of foods grow here, from vineyards and orchards to wheat and other grains. It's rather cheap compared with say, the Willamette Valley(although that place you can grow almost ANYTHING unless moisture is a problem).  The downside is that we have huge forest fires and occasional droughts that can be a problem.

The other place I would go would be Michigan's upper peninsula which is also vet scenic and has a sort of mountain range, although nothing compared to almost anywhere else. On the plus side you have 3 great lakes, and can buy beautiful wooded land,  30 minutes from Lake superior and Lake Michigan for around 1k-5k an acre. Water, you won't find more fresh water access  anywhere else on Earth - FACT! Lots of stuff to do and see, very close by. It's protected from most types of disasters, at least any that have ever caught my attention in research, no real forest fires. It's probably full of the nicest people anywhere(so is Washington and Oregon for the most part)

The growing season is short and the soil isn't the most fertile. However if you believe in climate change (which is happening) then the growing season will increase, you'd just need to wait it out.

I live in the Columbia Gorge area, on the east edge of the cascade mountains in the Washington side. It's cheap and LOTS of great land average of 3.5k per acre. I run entirely on solar most of the year and could also run on wind but just haven't bought a turbine, YET! It's beautiful but requires a bit of driving everywhere. I own 10 acres right off a main road, ALL wooded. I don't have a well yet but I'm saving for one. It has a very low population of very religious people who have been preventing growth for years but that's finally coming to an end (not my crowd) however the issue here is that tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Californians are migrating to the Northwest. Some maybe because of climate change others because of overcrowding possible, who knows for sure. When I was down there I saw it go from rather green to being reduced to almost wasteland by the drought.

As for the Upper peninsula of Michigan (aka the U.P.) no one is really migrating up there lol Beautiful place!

Those are my recommendations for those who want to prep-homestead or just off-the-grid-homestead. If you want to homestead, I think it should be determined by where you want to live, what climate you prefer and what you want to grow.

2 years ago
It's the perfect height as well!(shouldn't it be?? Lol)
2 years ago
So I got an address for my property, took it the post office which who then said to wait for a call from the mailman who services my area(Woodland Road). I get a call from him informing me that he didn't know if my address exists... I'm thinking  "Did no one tell him this was a NEW address??"

So I call the post office back to let them know that Again. Next I have another voicemail where the post man says my address is 218 and not 2118. He doesn't exactly try to blame the wrong address on me or say that they gave him the wrong address. But I do know I gave them the correct address 100% lol so it wasn't my fault!

Anyway I have attached pictures of my mailbox. Now I can get mail and a new license in my state eventually.
2 years ago
Sorry I took so long to get back on here, I've just been so busy. I just finished my latest college term yesterday and I work full time. When I'm not busy I'm usually still busy (lol) hanging out with my 2 year old son.

As far as the county goes they allow you to drill a residential well and draw up to 5,000 gallons a day and water up to one acre of garden. I am going to be watering everything with grey water anyway so I doubt they care. If I get  a larger garden than that (highly doubtful) and they care I will just tell them it's used water anywhere. I will just run up to 5,000 gallons down the sink while washing dishesnh;h hand y6
My drain hole will give new meaning to the term "loophole", lol.

As for building, my property is zoned gr5 which means general rural in 5 acre lots. So a guysses. They have strawbale buildings in our county and often people build whatever they want with an outbuilding permit and get away with out a certificate of occupancy.

Something else that worried me was power/utilities as I want Just solar and some places REQUIRE you connect to the grid. I was also afraid even if I never used the grid because many places the power company have added a monthly minimum "connection fee" to get their money from you. I hate that risk so I made sure of this before buying.

The area could be an amazing off gridders paradise so if anyone is looking for a cheap beautiful place that is open to the off grid living of ALL types,  just pm me! More like minded people the better!

The only thing is water can be VERY, VERY DEEP! they run between 100 and 750  feet at the worst, however average is about 100-200 which is very affordable.

2 years ago
Yes, I plan to grow as much of my food as possible. Also raising chickens for eggs. Both for myself and for profit perhaps. It's on the list of many things I would like to do but need to find the time haha
2 years ago
Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my new homestead journey on 10 wooded acres in the very southern part of Central Washington, along the Columbia River Gorge.

About me: I served 4 years in the Navy and bought property here with my wife of the time who was also in the Navy. I was 2 years from getting out. About a year before I had a helicopter touch down on top of us, adding yet another back injury to the list of back injuries, that I already had gotten in the Navy. Needless to say I'm partially disabled now and me and my wife have divorced but are still friends.

So I started preparing to go off grid knowing now is the time if any! I only have a few years to do this before I will likely be unable. So I got out here to my property with a bad travel trailer that I will be using for storage and a better one that I now am living in.

I've also landed a temporary job (6 Months) at the hospital in the closest town out here which I'm going will help me overcome the hardest obstacle, the water well! The Wells out here are about 80-700 feet! I'm hoping for around 100 but we will see!

I have set up 6,  100 watt solar cells and 5,  12v deep cycle batteries. We are going to hatch chickens and just got an incubator to do so! Have I mentioned I've been out here 2 weeks?

I am also documenting everything on my YouTube account, which I will post only after reviewing the policies haha. I haven't had a chance because I've been so busy working on everything!
2 years ago