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How many boots are we talking about here? Just trying to ascertain what I can afford to pledge.
That sounds very promising!
Do you think the water has to be above the mesh to work properly, i.e. do mosquitos lay their eggs directly in water? The sheer curtain was the normal sheer type that would hang in front of a window?
Warmer water is lower in dissolved oxygen. That may be the factor re: barrel in the sun.
Looking forward to the photos.
6 days ago
Hey Jocelyn, it sounds like it's also what happens with me, and no doubt a lot of others. There is simply too much on your plate, and it's hard to focus down on one thing. The Pomodoro technique sounds very interesting for that. But I find one gets mentally exhausted trying to deal with all the disparate threads. I used to hang out in nature all day long as a kid, but I rarely do that anymore because I'm alway too busy. Lately it's been even worse (I should be working right now, not reading threads on permies!). Not even enough time to make a decent meal every day, much less go for a walk.
What used to help a lot (massive spoon storage) was zoning out with nature, out in the fields, or up a tree, or watching the river. It's a species of meditation, I realised in retrospect. I miss it (we're stuck in the middle of a big city).
My partner and I started shooting slow films a couple years ago (look up slow tv, esp. Norway - we were rivetted when we first found out about it), which I've barely started to edit down (too busy, ironically) but there's a few done.  We're thinking they'll help people to zone out / meditate, recentre, and then get on with their day. One of the many things I think it'll help with. I'll give you and everyone reading this thread our private link to a shorter film, one I just finished and uploaded to our vimeo page. All I'm looking for is to find out if it helps. The whole idea is an experiment that we haven't had a chance to share and obtain feedback on yet. Hmm, maybe this should go in a separate thread? It feels like it's pertinent here. Well, whoever wants to try it out, I'd really appreciate the feedback. And hey, doesn't it beat playing with apps? Just please don't share it around. It's not for public consumption right now.


1 week ago
Hey, did any recording of this ever happen? Any videos? Did you write an off-grid rocket kitchen book? Please? I just ran across this today, a year too late and a country too far north.
We're designing our house right now (planning on cordwood), and I'd love to incorporate the above.
2 weeks ago
Like so many others, I too raised my pledge (pre-Shawn's video) to $100 but am stuck at the $25. Didn't realise it until receiving the auto message on Friday (May 24th). Backer #161, in Canada, yes I want some physical copies to disseminate the word (let's say 10 physical, rest e-book - don't trust people to read an ebook, the physical copy would surely be more compelling...), and presumably I'll need to tack on shipping, as I was charged $100.77. Many apologies!! Like others, I tried to check my shipping address, but couldn't find it.
2 weeks ago
Sure can. I can provide a code for people. Just let me know who to talk to in order to sort it out.
This will make it a round 30! Goal reached!
3 months ago
Is it too late to donate a goodie?
We make SlowTV-style videos. I can digital donate a film.
3 months ago
Hmm, this is sounding like another book, eh? Takers, anyone?
3 months ago