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Recent posts by Ivan Arsov

Thank you Redhawk your comments are always helpful.

I will go trough them once more like you said and i will cut off the thin crossing canes.It was my first time pruning raspberries so i was happy when you said that they were pruned good.
2 years ago
Tripp Noonan
- I thought of the same thing.That is why i put about 50 canes that i cut off in a type of mulch that i have been using.After a couple of weeks if they grow some roots i will transplant them.For now we just have to wait and see.

David Livingstone
-I have done just that.I was just afraid that because there are more fruiting canes that i would get small crops.That article was helpful but it only refers to regular (once a year) fruiting raspberries

Crt Jakhel
- I will check the canes for visible bumps .That would probably help me with the insect problems i had last year.

Last year i put a lot of saw dust on the plants.I ran out off saw dust but got help from my neighbor.He was growing mushrooms and had a lot of bags filled with saw dust in which he grew the mushrooms.He gave me the old ones he didn't need and a lot of them were in a decomposing state.But some of them had dry white saw dust (that is what you see on pictures #4 and #5).

I used ash last year also.I feel like it helped the canes because i added a little bit of ash and a lot of sawdust and the raspberries started getting better and bigger.

I used to see a lot of dead, dry leaves at the bottom of the raspberry plants.I had the same problem with my tomatoes ,so i put 16:16:16 fertilizer on them and became better.I feel like that fertilizer helped the plants a lot because in September i really needed fertilizer but shops only had 14:14:14 type at that time.After i put that on my raspberries they always had dry fruit and weren't juicy at all.

I was planing on putting a 70-80% shade cloth because in summer the temperatures here are from 40-45 degrees Celsius.

Next year i will try and prune them so i only have fruit in Authum so i can see the difference.
2 years ago
Hello everyone

So last year i planted some everbearing raspberries and they had a rough start.But thanks to the people who helped me out on this forum i managed to save them.In authum they produced a lot of fruit (about 500-1000grams every 3 days) and i now know that i need to use a lot of mulch and organic materials to keep my plants happy and alive.

Now it is time to prune them.I was told to cut the dead top parts of the plants if i wanted to have fruit in June and authum. I did just that.But it seems to me that there are too much branches on one plant.Should i cut some of the braches on each plant and leave about 3-4 thick canes only?Should i also cut them to chest level or leave them the hight that they are?

Thank you upfront.
2 years ago
I have come to a conclusion that maybe my soil is to alkaline. I did the experimental woth vingar and soil so the results were that the pH was between 7 -8.The recomended pH level for my Polana raspberries was between 6.0 and 6.8.

So I am planing of digging up the soil between the plans a little so I can put humus, ash and so weeds if I can find some at this time of the year?.I will top it off by adding wood chipings on top?.I read that these will make my soil more acidic by next year?.I belive that the 16:16:16 fertilizer that I have been using has been doing just that but as you said it could have damaged there roots.

When I got the raspberry plants they were almost chest level high.I cut all of them do about 10 cm tall above the soil.I also cut the root about a milimiter so they could grow out.The plants that didn't bear the transplantation died in the next month.I tought that I wouldn't have a lot of fruit this year maybe just a hand full becase the 2 year old canes grew about 20 cm and some had a little but of fruit.But as time passed new canes started emerging and now they are almost chest level and all had fruit I was really surprised. All the fruit that I collect now is from those new born canes.Maybe about 100 grams from all the palnts every 2 day.But then this started happening I think that the sun and 40+ Celsius heat affected them.I think that they developed fine roots but the lack of minnerals is the problem.

I have learned more about raspberries these past few days then from all the books I read about them.
2 years ago
That is helpful.I was afraif that this is some sort of virus or insect attack because some of them thaf were healthy died in a manner od 2 days.But most of the plants are really good all green and have about 4 to 5 shoots growing from underneath.But I don't see a way of how I can transplant these next year because they are connected to te main roots.

This years shoot ups started getting brown leaves from the bottom not a lot but one or two and I was worried that it was sun damage.They are grown to like chest level and most of them have green raspberries.It think this happened becase they are an everbearing type that fruits from June to October.The shoots that came up from the two year old canes are supposed to die (people told me about this so I wasn't worried about it).

It think they need some potassium becase I have been puting a nitrogen type furtalizer only this year.I was planing to do a soil Ph test with vingar and baking soda (because we don't have that kind of a a testing facility in my country or not any that I know of) but the weather was windy and rainy so the soil was wet.

Btw this is a great forum.I learned so much about these particular type of fruit.Thanks for all the help everyone .
2 years ago
They were planted in march of this year.When it wasn't cold and there was some sun.They were one year old and this was there second year.Yes they have new plants growing from the roots of the original one that I bought.They had fruit this year.
2 years ago
This is my first time using cheamical type furtalizer .I didn't use organic matter becase at that time I didn't know what else to put.

I can't find a lot of cow or horse manure, but I can find some chicken manure if that is the same.I have a lot of wood ash that I have gathered over the years but it has been sitting in the open with rain and everything and I am wondering if it will work.

My next question is do I just spread it over the soil or do I add soil on top of them too.Maybe humus perhaps? Can I put wood ash , wood chips and like crop branches at the same type or separately?
2 years ago
In that case I am going to try and add some potassium furtalizer to see what kind of results I am going to get.Also I will test my soil to see its Ph level.

I think I will buy some netting to put over them but I will have to take It off when ever the temperature falls down.A lot of people have told me that they need direct sun light in order to have big and red fruit.It will be a pain to take it on anf off every day but I will find a way to make It easier.

Thanks for all the help Josh.
2 years ago
I have been puting fertilizer of the 16:16:16 type and they have been growing because of it.But I was afraid that some of that fertilizer went directly to the roots and burned them.Now with that new water system I added it is easier to disolve the fertilizer.I put fertilizer two 1day before this happened.I tought it was some type of an insect because of the outside damage.

A lot of the plants have been going brown too.I know that the old ones should do that but some of the new ones are doing the same thing.I thing that they are burned because of the sun.Mine are Polana type red raspberries and I don't think that the my zone 8 weather is suitable for them.I am thinking of adding neting on them but I have read that they neef direct sunlight for atleast 6 hours a day.So if I ad thick nets I would need to remove them every day and put them back on so they get that direct sunlight .What are ypur thoughts on this?
2 years ago
Hello everyone

This year I decided to invest in some raspberry plants.I bought about 130 plants of the summer bearing type.I thing they were called Palola or something simmular and they have produced about 50 grams every second-third day.I bought them as one year old plants so this should have been there second year.

But since 1st of june to 1st of july about 10 of them have died and now more and more are starting to turn brown.The first raspberries were really small when they turned dark red.I tought they needed some food so I bought them 16:16:16 type of compost and the next ones were bigger.They were a little sower but are still yummu.Yesterdey I went there at about 10 am and I picked the raspberriess.Then at about 6 pm the same day one of the plants was dead almost if it had a hart attack.Here are some pictures.

Also a lot of them have been turning yellow.They have had brown leaf edges yellow around that and green center area and they were all dying.Some of them were the original 2 year old plant and I tought that it was okay at this time of year but others that shutup this year were also getting this type of leafs at the bottom. Maybe it is too much sun and I should put a net over them.I live in a zone 8a and it gets to about 42*c this time of year.Maybe I put too much water I added a drip system and I left it to run for about 12 hours one day and 12 hours the other day.

Thanks for the help.
2 years ago