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since Jul 26, 2017
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Software engineer, parent, and homeowner - grew up in the city, now living somewhere between the suburbs and the forest.
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Southern Ohio, Zone 6a/6b
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[quote=Peace Eigenheimer]
In addition to proving my family with cut flowers, seeds, and joy [/quote]


Squirrels have been snacking on my sprouts. Thankfully I have many backup seeds. I sprinkled coffee grounds on the bed in hopes it would deter them. Any other recommendations?
17 hours ago
This type is in a mostly-shaded nook between two buttress roots of an old maple tree that has a trunk covered in mosses and lichens.
6 days ago
Flush of type 1 near the same spot after this morning's rain.
1 week ago
I raked up a bunch of rotted mulch in order to plant a butterfly garden, and this type has been fruiting out of a rotted stump for the past few days.
1 week ago
What are your available labor inputs?
1 week ago
I would search by actor names if you can:

Aamir Khan
Shah Rukh Khan
Salman Khan

...and even some actors not named Kahn such as Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan.

For actresses, we have Priyanka Chopra (Jonas), Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Sonam Kapoor.
1 week ago
If you can get hold of fresh grass clippings, that would be a better fill than leaves, but you will have to periodically return and add more, as the buried grass with ferment in the heat and collapse into a nitrogenous goop which will help decompose your wood.

I would always anticipate at least some internal collapse in a hugel mound, particularly one that uses thicker logs.

The bark does look like black walnut to me. If you can "massage" those to one or two specific parts of the pile, you can plant a juglone-tolerant guild there. This list was compiled for zone 3
2 weeks ago

Sarauna Torrez wrote:I'm looking to consult a permie-savvy engineer on terracing and/or building a retaining wall to stabilize a steep, ground-squirrel-infested slope below an eroding gravel road in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. Can anyone recommend someone like that? Thanks y'al!

That's me. We'll need a basic description of the plot (size, slope, shape), soil tests, a perc test, rain data, wind and insolation data, USGS map, Google Earth and county maps / aerial photographs, and most important a ballpark estimate on available time, money, locally available inputs, and labor.

Also from a permaculture perspective we will need to talk about present uses and future uses of the land, function of the road, long-term nature of the instability, and most importantly all of your notes from observations that you or others have made of the nature of the road deterioration in the context of the land it runs through over the course of various seasonal changes and in different types of traffic and weather conditions.

Consultation is free as long as we keep the discussion crowdsourced here. If you need any actual consulting work done separate from this post we can talk about rates and deliverables at that point.
2 weeks ago
Growing out of some rotted mulch in a bed next to the house
2 weeks ago