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Recent posts by Ellanor Ellwood

Has anyone tried  growing plants out the side of a out doors compost toilet?
3 months ago
I want to raise meal worms for my chickens (and other poultry) but I can't find any wheat bran, either in small bags or bulk. Can't find bulk oats either, could meal worms be raised on white wheat flour?Anyone living Vancouver Island or sunshine coast (Canada) know of affordable bulk wheat bran for meal worms or a substitute bedding / food for them?
10 months ago
Has anyone tried growing pole beansor peas without a trellis?
I'm wondering if it would work as a ground cover in an around other vegetables. I grow bush beans around other plants but one plant only covers about 3 sq ft.
Anyone recommend a company / organization in BC Canada that tests soil for heavy metal contamination ?
I've  found tin cans, bits of wire, paint or oil cans, gears and a couple large soild pieces of mining / farm machines.
There is ocean spray growing on part of it, 6 large Douglas Firs on one edge, I can add lime to the soil. Hazelnuts I know don't mind growing under the Firs, as well as other natives, red alder grows anywhere with water. I just wondering about other trees.
Most importantly can lead , mercury, arsenic, etc  can travel from ground into plant and  into fruits, leaves and nuts? Maybe the last question is off topic for this subforum.
2 years ago
I found a old metal dump on my property about 30ft by 35ft. Most of the metal has crumbled into flakes so I think it might be from the early 1900s. Burying it under 3ft of dirt and going to densely plant trees over it. What trees like heavy partial shade to sun from conifer trees and polluted (high iron) soil ? Also would it be safe for me or my  livestock to eat food from these trees ?
Zone 8b, Pacific northwest
2 years ago
Putting in a new kitchen into my 500sqft cabin. Got the wood cook stove installed. I am now stuck as to where to put a 10 to 15 cubic foot electric fridge. How far away should I put the fridge ? The stove would be cooking all my food and primary heat source. I'm worried about over working the motor/cooler in the fridge if it's to close.
2 years ago
Does any one know if giant mountain fleece flower persicaria polymorpha (also known as polygonum polymorphum)  is edible ?
2 years ago
I was just wondering about fattening up the birds without grain because I  would like to be more independent of purchased feed which is mostly grain. I know there is easy to process grain but it stll takes up alot of room and there annuals needing a human to reseed them every year.

2 years ago
What's the best not-pig livestock / breed for production of animal fat ? I am a single person on ~2 acres of land and have no interest in breeding and raising pigs. I pretty sure  it is  a goose or a duck. Alot of heritage duck breeds talk about how lean the meat is but ducks are smaller and less aggressive. Also best way to fatten up a bird without grain ?

2 years ago