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since Aug 06, 2017
Claire Hudson is a co-foudner of Nadarra Leigh. She graduated from Hood College with a Master of Science degree in Environmental Biology in 2007. Her training in environmental biology opened up her eyes to the wonderful world of plants! In 2015 she studied under Christopher Hobbs and completed her training in Foundations of Herbalism. Claire loves to teach both in the classroom and in the field. She currently holds an adjunct instructor position at Hood College where she teaches coastal ecology to her students.
If you don't find her in the woods, she can be found in her garden playing with her two boys, relaxing with her hubby or tending to her medicinal plants.
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Recent posts by Nadarra Leigh

Hi Dale,

This is a one month course, running from October 4th until November 1st. We have grand plans to run the club as a monthly subscription, but before we get carried away, we are offering this course as a single month subscription. You can read all about the course on our website at There is a week-by-week breakdown of what to expect.

In answer to your questions:
Yes, there will be some equipment necessary, such as glassware for measuring liquids (which we don't provide), but we will provide items such as amber bottles, tins, muslin cloth and the like.

The herbs we will be studying are not necessarily food items, (although they are edible) we will be interested in exploring the extracted medicinal qualities of the herbs in either water, vinegar or alcohol. Therefore, simply eating the herbs will provide different benefits... all of which will be explored during the lectures and podcasts.

Lastly, there is a long list of publications from peer reviewed journals of the herbs we will study and we will be providing scientific papers to support our learning. I am a scientist, I love to show the science behind the herbal constituents as well as enjoying the rich history and ethnobotany accompanying the herbs we will study.

2 years ago
Hi Deb,

Thanks for cross posting! Please feel free to post anywhere you see fit.

The herbs covered in the first session will be St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) and Goldenrod (Solidago sp... there are over 200 Soidago species but we will likely cover gigantea, canadensis or virgaurea - depending on what we can find / is available).

Yes, subscribers receive a package containing 50 g of the dried herb, a booklet, some basic equipment for processing the herbs and other materials we feel necessary, and seeds (if available)... here is what I copied from our website ( for you to read....

Week one
You will receive a parcel from us*. In this parcel there will be: 50 g of a dried herb; a booklet about the herb; seeds of that herb for you to grow (eventually); flashcards with vocabulary; and most lab materials required, for example, amber bottles and droppers, tins, cheesecloth or muslin bags.

Week two
You will receive access to a detailed monograph of the plant and a recorded lecture about the herb. This is the time to take a walk and see if you can find the herb in your area (season dependent of course). If you live locally (within the greater Washington DC area), we will provide at least one opportunity at this point to get together in a group setting, either for a plant walk or an afternoon of medicine making (TBD).

Week Three
You will receive access to a podcast where you will hear us discussing the herb with a local herbalist or scholar. This week you will also receive lab instructions for your home medicine-making activities.

Week Four
You will receive access to a recorded lecture about the medicine you have made. The rest of the month will be spent following through the lab activities – this is the really fun part – making plant medicine!

*Items that will not be provided for this course: weigh scale, mason jars, or graduated cylinders or other liquid measurement glassware (a pyrex jug will work just fine for most things we will do).

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
2 years ago

We are launching an Herbal Medicine Club. Subscribers will receive a new dried medicinal herb each month in the mail and gain access to lecture materials and podcasts from our members only page on our website. We hope to offer this every month but this is our kick-starter so we will see what the demand is like please read more here...

In a nut shell:
Course start date: October 4th
Course end date: November 1st
Cost: $160 - price includes the dried herbs for the month, basic equipment for medicine making, lecture material, podcasts, and a printed booklet about the medicinal herb of the month (covers botany, ecology, research, uses, etc).

Please let me know if you have questions.
You can also email me at
Nadarra Leigh Herbal Medicine Club[google]

2 years ago