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Recent posts by Jerome Lee

What are the advantages of crown over root cuttings? You mention that root cuttings takes more work on our end. How so?

Chris Kott wrote:We start all our avocado pits. Most germinate.

We just do the toothpick suspension half-in a cup of water. We have over a dozen in soil as container plants, with the oldest, at 4 years old, taller than me.


I'd love to see a picture of your tallest one.
I'm interested in growing trees from seed -- not necessarily fruit trees.

I have 1 year experience and so far it hasn't been very fruitful.
Black walnut germination rate for me was around 10%. Autumn olive was near 0 as well. Korean pine nuts were all stolen by rodents (my bad, didn't sufficiently protect them). Honey locust is super easy, no stratification required.

I had some seeds in the fridge (some in sand, some in paper towels inside ziplocks), but I find this method a bit troublesome (need to worry about keeping medium moist but not saturated, small seeds like amelanchier are really hard to find inside any medium other than paper towels, takes space in the fridge, etc.)

And I had some seeds sown in my cold frame (which I believe mice managed to get into unfortunately). Cold frame is covered, so water and snow don't get in. So that wasn't ideal either (probably insufficient insulation due to lack of snow, and maybe insufficient humidity in the medium). FWIW I'm in Quebec where temperatures can drop to -30C (-22F)

What are your methods and what have you had success with?
Anyone done the math on the effectiveness of water jugs for regulating temperature? (Or has some empirical data to share?)
8 months ago

Tj Jefferson wrote:Jerome,

I have planted quite a few. They are not picky at all. If they get rootbound prune the top and do your best to detangle the roots.

Once they get to about 6" high you can also make them dormant for the remainder of the winter by gradually exposing them to lower temps and eventually freezing. Then just neglect them until they are ready to plant.

Thanks for your answer. What do you think will happen if I let them grow as is? Trying to go for the least effort approach. If it doesn't work out I can always start new ones in March or so.
1 year ago
I started about 50 honey locusts in my house about 10 days ago and they're already growing fast (and the germination rate is incredible). They're each in cells from a cell tray (SureRoots) with 2" width and 5" depth.

My goal was to plant them outdoors in the spring, but I realize they might become heavily constrained by the pot size, but is that really an issue? Would the trees end up dying if they spend several months in those pots? Will they have a hard time adjusting to the "infinite" size of land, when they've been so used to being constrained in those pots?
1 year ago
Bryant, I'm inclined to go with a solution like yours, but I'm still unsure about one thing. If I sow in november in some moist medium, will I need to water at all until the spring, or will it remain sufficiently moist?
1 year ago
What are your thoughts on a very simple system like this:

(Basically just an outdoor seedbed with short wood walls and a metal net on top to protect from animals, meant to be put near trees/buildings to protect from winds and too much sun).
The video is from France, so maybe the context is a bit different in terms of climate though. They claim to only need to weed once a year.

It's not a big deal if I need to wait an extra year or so before transplanting, because once the ball is rolling, I will be planting trees every year anyways.
1 year ago
Since the soil won't be covered with snow during the winter, is there a risk of it reaching temperatures low enough to essentially kill the seed? (record low temperatures here are near -30F). Or is the cold frame enough of an insulator?

I have some experience with growing garlic and know of the importance of a snow bed during cold winters, but maybe that's totally different.
1 year ago
Todd paints his aquarium to block some of the light, is that something I should do for a cold frame, or is that not much of a concern?
1 year ago