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For a few years I have been researching cob houses, thinking of designs, and gathering "references" as to what kinds of things I would like to incorporate into a cob house.
Today I am wanting to try and find some rough estimate as to a general cost of certain things.
I am wanting to build one that is 600-800 sq ft., probably all on one floor, but considering building upwards and perhaps having the square footage split between upstairs and downstairs.
The specific costs I am wanting figured out are listed below.
Finding answers to a lot of this stuff on Google hasn't been the easiest.
So here are my 3 questions:

1.  I want to have have solar power, that way I can still use my electric devices easily. Ideally I would need 1-2 outlets in each room.

2. What is the best way to get water to my sink, shower, toilets, etc., and what costs would be involved? I am really interested in a rocket mass heater for warming a bath tub, but am unsure if I could get it permitted to build. I am wanting to have 2 toilets in the household, as well as a tub/shower combo in one of the 2 bathrooms.

3. I have read that cob houses are good at keeping the heat out for the most part, but where I live it is often 100 degrees for a good portion of the summer, and then drops down into the negative temperatures in winter. Will portable A/C units suffice in the summer instead of having to get air installed, and will fireplaces or similar work in the winter? The weather here is really quite odd. IF I do require heating & cooling installed in the cob house, how much will it cost given the square footage I am wanting?

1 year ago