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Built a smoker  wood stove for outside use and new we're trying to use it inside.  For a heater.

So it needs to be smoke tight.  Which it isn't.  It leaks along both sides of the top which just sits down on the sides.

And it leaks at the flue connection.

The flue was made to fit old drain pipe and doesn't exactly fit currently available 4" and 6" fittings.  
I've got the flue elbow squashed in there right now but you can see daylight through the sides.  I'm thinking maybe some kind of fireproof clay?

The top - removable for convenience stacking and clearing the interior -  has angle iron sides on a 4mm steel plate.  The angle iron can't fit snug on the plate because of the radius and that didn't matter outside but it does now.   It creates a  long channel that leaks pretty  bad until it starts drawing well and then I guess still leaks though not visibly.

I'm wondering if there's a fireproof tape perhaps I could use there?

The top could be welded on of course and all leaks blocked but I'd like to keep the convenience of what I have if I could.

And before welding the top on I should rework the interior.  The ashpan doesn't cover the whole floor so there's ash left when you pull it out and then you can't push it back in.  Outside I'd simply rake it all out.  Inside the house that gives rise to fine ash floating around everywhere...   it's no good.

I need to build an ashpan that covers the whole area and then build flanges all around the sides so's no ash can get down the sides of that pan.

So I'd need to do all that before ever welding the top down if it comes to that.

Wonder if anyone has any ideas about all that?
4 years ago