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my pictures seemed to work using the link Nicole gave.
Cool. I've wanted to go to a pdc, but I've never had the money. be neat to win a ticket to this one!
2 months ago
Maybe log out and log back in? I think I did that when I made my account and did the name-change-thing. Maybe it helped? Worth a try!
Yeah, when I first logged in, I used a not-real name. It took a long time between posts. I could post, but I had to wait a few minutes between posts. It's probably a forum feature to prevent spammers from spamming a ton of threads at once, since spammers usually use not-real names.

I suggest changing your name to something that sounds real. That might fix things?
I've always been kind of scared of bidets. Thanks for the info! They're a bit me now.
4 months ago
I've been having problems posting. Are things better yet?
Wow! That sounds really cool. I wish I didn't live so far away and in the states. I hope you find someone who loves it as much as you do!
7 months ago