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I've always been kind of scared of bidets. Thanks for the info! They're a bit less...weird...to me now.
2 weeks ago
I've been having problems posting. Are things better yet?
Wow! That sounds really cool. I wish I didn't live so far away and in the states. I hope you find someone who loves it as much as you do!
3 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:Many cities have public housing where low income folks can apply.

There are also some health related retirement homes that can be of assistance.  Usually the home knows how to work with medicare/medicaid to get the applicant in.  These are not nursing homes.  Sometimes they are church related.

I've been trying to figure out public housing, but it's hard, because it's not something I'm familiar with, and she lives a state away, 8+hour drive away. The state she's in has a lower cost of living than mine. So, does she live in my brother-in-law's state, or our state? It's overwhelming thinking about all the possiblities. I don't even know where to start.

Tyler Ludens wrote:Michelle, have you been able to get your MIL to a neurologist to see if there is some more aggressive treatment that can be done to help with her condition?  Treatment of mental and neurological conditions is evolving rapidly, so the physicians she sees regularly may not be aware of all options.

I don't know who she saw at the various mental hospitals she was at. My brother-in-law tried calling and talking to her doctors a lot, and they won't give him ANY information. I don't think I'd have any luck contacting her doctors, as I'm not a blood relative, and it's really hard trying to get my husband to remember to call. He works nights, so by the time he comes home, he's ready to pass out.

I know she's seen counselors and phycologist. Can a neurologist do anything for Dissociative Identity Disorder? The identities are REAL, just as real as your identity is or mine...
4 months ago
One thing I don't see people talk about is: What do you do if your elder has a deteriorating mental condition that makes them violent at unforeseen times, and you have young children?

We always thought and planned that we would trade off taking care of my mother-in-law with my husband's brother. But, then she became violent with my nieces, and her mental condition is one where she doesn't have control of that violence. (She has Dissociative Identity Disorder, so litereally another not-very-nice personality takes over). She doesn't have a job, her physical health is deteriorating, and she is applying for government disability. She actually checked herself into a mental hospital and was there there for a few months and is now in a temporary shelter. But she can only be at the shelter for a few months, and then has to find a place of her own...

We don't know where she'll live! I can't imagine her disability check will be enough for an apartment, and we all have young kids and we don't want them endangered so we can't have her live with us and take care of her...and we're all kind of scraping by. My parents advice me we shouldn't send money or pay for my mother-in-law's support, since we're so tight on money ourselves. Our budget IS tight, but we can't just abandon her to the streets! My brother-in-law just kind of shrugs his shoulders and says she'll have to figure that out. But, she's not able to care for herself!

We weren't expecting to have to make these sorts of decisions, and especially not so soon! We didn't know she would get violent and be a danger to our kids. We figured we could have her live with us as she aged.... What do we do now??

4 months ago
Welcome! You book sounds really interesting! What's both of your favorite ways to change the world?
6 months ago