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We are itching to get on the raw land we purchased last year. Financially we will not realize our "forever" home yet, given labor cost is astronomically high in our market right now and it's not realistic to build it ourselves. We are considering a new manufactured home as a primary house to share (in our multigenerational family) and add a yurt for extra space and retreat for my immediate family (husband and gaggle of young kiddos). This will likely be a place we call home for +/-4 years? This will allow us to start homesteading and potentially starting a farming business. This is all just background. My main question is: has anybody recently purchased a manufactured home or currently live in one?

I'm just trying to get personal accounts, recommendations, or warnings. Obviously, what is available (companies) depends on geography. I'm in Oregon.  I'm also interested in yurt recs or considerations. We would eventually place yurt elsewhere on property as a retreat/yoga/meditation space/school room/meeting area thing. having never been inside a yurt, size of yurt is another decision to make (not too small. Not too big 20feet? 25?). We're most attracted to a wooden yurt but they're $$$. Worth it? Any wooden yurt people? Thank you for graciously addressing my gigantic multi part question.
1 year ago

Jennifer Brownson wrote:Hi Manijeh, I was just wondering how your smiling wood yurt with cob worked out? Any pics to share?

I'm also curious how this turned out. We are considering building a yurt to live on acreage and currently looking at wooden vs other siding/shell.
1 year ago
Thank you all! Your guidance and time are much appreciated!

I'm going to have the husband contact Botan and get set up! I guess it makes sense to get the whetstone, holders, peening tools, etc etc from the same place you get the snath and blades, eh?

I'm so excited! It's like picking out a wizard wand! I'm also excited for the floodgates to open for collecting our tools and gear for the new land. Thanks folks! Looking forward to cruising permies forums nonstop.
1 year ago
I'm a wife to a 6'2" left handed Permaculture chap with acres of raw land and hay fields soon to turn into a permaculture haven. First tool he'd like is a scythe. I'm making a bday present happen! I know there are a lot of scythe posts but please help a mama with a newborn just pick a good quality well made last a lifetime scythe outfit for him.

I've done some homework and I believe I've got it down to a couple sources, but I'm open to any and all advice you give me.

Scythe Works
One Scythe Revolution

Yay? Nay? One better than the other?
Scythe Supply is another company I'm entertaining and the pricepoint is attractive for the whole outfit, but I see a lot of accounts that the snath handles have issues.

This would be for grass but also for some light brush and general terrain (I'm thinking a middle of the road "ditch" type blade is what we're after. I'm into multipurpose). Speaking of, I'm also a leftie and about 5'7". Is it unreasonable to think I could use his too?

So yes. In summary:
1. Company choosing advice
2. Type and size of blade
3. Any other pearls of wisdom for scythe noobs.

Appreciate it!
1 year ago