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I ended up here because I googled gardening. I literally knew nothing when I started and even had to read all the wikipedia pages on gardening. I have learned so much from reading this site and think permaculture is a fantastic solution to practically everything. I am excited to try out the new things i am learning!
Alberta, Canada
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William Grotts wrote:In the link it states "They can also be used to build extremely strong structures that are inherently resistant to most hazards that would readily destroy a stick-frame house."  How earthquake resistant are they for locations like here in shakey Oklahoma?

Hello, I have heard that earthbag can survive 0.8 g earthquake.

Here is a link to a paper where they tested the shear strength of different kinds of earthbag walls:

This is an example of an eathbag build in a region with lots of seismic activity in Nepal (lots of construction pictures):

Also i think modern earthbag building was pioneered by Nader Khalili in california, which as we know rests on a fault line, and his earthbag domes are actually code approved for seismic risk regions. You can probably find some useful info at his CalEarth website too.
1 year ago

Creighton Samuiels wrote:

Or if you are truly looking to get stuff done on minimum data; you can turn off automatic image loading completely or use a non-graphical browser.  (I didn't know that the web had photos until about 1995, because I did almost everything in Lynx)  Such non-graphical browsers include Lynx, Links and Links2 for the GNU/linux and Mac OS X set, and WebIE & ELinks for the Windoze users.

If you are at the point where you are disabling images in your browser you could also disable CSS, I haven't tested how much this will reduce your data usage but I think I would try this before switching to a non-graphical browser, then i can turn things on and off without having to install yet another browser on my machine.

(In case anybody doesn't know CSS stands for cascading style sheet. Basically the website's css file is the presentation layer of a site, so backgounds and fonts etc. You can still easily see the actual content of the site with CSS turned off.)
1 year ago
Hello. I am on a rental property in the city. my goal is to do some work to improve the soil quality and grow plants to attract/help bees.

I am wondering if anyone knows more about the relationship between the bugs and birds I have seen on the property thus far:

-The most predominant life is ants, there looks to be one colony with the mound in the back corner of the south/east flowerbed and tunnels extending all along the east wall of the house.
(have never had any inside the house).
-There was also a wasp nest inside the north wall of the house via the bathroom vent. they were coming inside sometimes while we were doing our business,
so we got rid of them and sealed off all the entrances we could find. killed two small brown spiders (living in the upstairs and downstairs bathroom respectively) in the process.
only other spiders i have seen on the property are dandy-long-legs, usually outside on the north wall of the house but once there was one in my clean laundry basket.

-when the snow had finally melted there was lots of lady bugs in the yard as well, but only for a short while.

-In early summer there were some small birds nesting on top of some kind of power box on the north wall (we think the box gets warm and that's why).
Other birds i have seen are magpies (chillin' around the trees on the west side of the property and the trash bins), and another small brown bird common throughout the canadian prairies,
I think they are called barn-sparrows? (they hang out on top of a hedge on the south-west side of the door right against the house. top of hedge is dead where they sit.)

-There is a family of jack rabbits living in the back alley usually chillin' in the neighbor's yard (babies were born there) and when they were small they'd hide under the shed sometimes.

Life i do not see: bees and worms.
bees are rare in the city period, no sign of worms surfacing after rain storms and no robins foraging for them in the yard (there are some robins in the city though).
I also don't see squirrels on the property but there are lots of melanistic (black) squirrels in the city.

Does anyone know if the wasps were a food source for any of the birds etc.?
Why did the ladybugs disappear after like a month? how long do they live?
There weren't that many spiders around for such an old house even before we sprayed for the wasps..I thought ants attracted spiders?
We are starting to have cold days now and usually lots of bugs come inside during this time but I haven't seen any mass exodus of bugs.. maybe because of all the holes we sealed to keep the wasps out?

I have done some research on vermiculture, but not sure i can introduce worms and have a worm tower because I have ants in the only flower bed with space, and the bed is also full of broken glass.

In regards to the ants I haven't noticed any indication of aphids but will be checking the nearby plants when the ants come out again in the summer.

Sorry for so many questions! any Advice on how to work with the above life forms for a better environment in the yard is super appreciated!

1 year ago