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Recent posts by Jim Tag

Ron Helwig wrote:

If you mean between the burn unit and the mass, that should be OK. I think using two 45 degree turns would be better than two 90 degree turns if that is possible.

Point taken. I will use two 45 degree turns. Thank you.

Ron Helwig wrote:My mass is on the wooden floor, with insulation underneath it.

What materials did you use for insulation?
2 years ago

Satamax Antone wrote:Jim, iirc you have lecca clay balls in Denmark. I would remove the floor, and make a 4 inch bed of those.

That is a great idea. Thank you!

By horizontal flue, you mean you won't have a vertical chimney?  

I do have a vertical chimney. ½" steel pipe.
2 years ago
Greetings from Denmark!
First time posting - Long time lurker.

I am building a RMH cob bed/couch. 8" Duct 55 gallon system - By the book.(..or rather pdf.)
The flooring in my small cabin is set in two levels. The lower level flooring is bare ground. The upper level is concrete slab with a wooden floor on top.
I have build the "firebox" on the bare ground level and I am hoping to place the thermal battery on the raised wooden floor.
I´m concerned with fire hazards and I would greatly appreciate any input:

1. Since I don´t have the firebox on the wooden flooring,- how would you recommend insulating between the wooden floor and the thermal battery? (I´m hoping for less insulation than 4 inches, less expenses and less work)
2. I could remove the suspended wooden floor where the thermal mass will be and build it directly on the concrete slab (more mass). Is this the better option? (Again, I´m hoping for less expenses and less work.)
3. I´m planning to elevate the horizontal flue, by 1½ feet, immediately after it leaves the exhaust. Will this create problems with airflow?

Thank you in advance.
2 years ago