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Wow, this is an old thread.  Still great stuff.
I've seen some of our favorites...Cattan, Spoons, Monopoly. Our daighter-in-law is great to play ganes with her children. We also enjoy doing puzzles as a family which has been annual Christmas gathering event of long standing.

I especially enjoy Set, Sequence and Hand and Foot.  The last gathering at the family farm,  (20 years ago?) we had  at least 15 people around rhe dining room table playing H&F... pretty exciting!

A new game for us thisbgg year is Qwerkle. Great for all ages.  The first time we played it with our family, the 6 year old smoked us all! It was great!

Since so many other places are closed down, to give her vets something to do at the local American Legion, my daughter has board game tournaments going.  They are loving it.
1 week ago
Lovely!  I truly enjoy learning about all things permaculture.
8 months ago

Leslie Russell wrote:I've wanted one for a long time but just haven't gotten to the point where I'm ready to tackle the back field. I can't remember where I found out about this company but you might want to take a look at their website

I was excited to check out this other source with great hopes of ordering from them only to discover they are not taking orders atm. My email query came back from a mailer daemon. So back to the scythe company (with its six week lead time) I went. Hopefully by the beginning of July I will be happily mowing my yard with my new scythe.

Still the  marugg website is very informative and includes a pretty comprehensive and entertaining ebook on Scything.  I highly recommend checking it out.
8 months ago
What a great thread.  I'm definitely jumping in on this band wagon. Thanks!!!
8 months ago
Woohoo... I have wool socks that need darning. I may even have some sort of wooden thing that will work in place of the mushroom.  Starring the email.  I'll Be Back...
8 months ago
Hi Dr Sharol and everyone!  The gifts of the earth and herbs are so comprehensive.  I'm looking forward to reading your book and  learning more about these amazing treasures.  God bless you! Anita
1 year ago
I don't know what your entire situation is , but my inclination would be to fence it and put goats on it after harvest. They'll clean up the unwanted things and won't mind the thorns. Then you could plant and rearrange to your hearts content and the Elderberries should come through with flying colors, happier for the haircut, no?!?

These are by the way only thoughts.  I am just beginning to making a foray into the world of all things Elderberry.  Can't wait to see what you do!
1 year ago
Delightful! Thanks for all your excellent work.
1 year ago
No huckleberries here but will be planting some real elderberries, serviceberries and hazelnut soon.  Will that do for a pie? I could make a real one to bring to the PDC.  🤔😏😁😁😁. Maybe elderberry cordial would be a better option. 😘
Have a lovely day everyone!
Hi Kelly 😁
The other scientist's name is Monica Gagliano

If you quick sign up for the grow network 2019 summit you may get in on the last day of replays. (Free yet today and only $150? I think to buy the whole package of seminars, including one from Wheaton Labs!  Well worth it!)