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Recent posts by Jay Mullaky

Still digging and planting, weather has been awful, land is wet, my hands are sore.
1 day ago
I'm wondering could you grow potatoes directly out off the bag? Just stick some in maybe with a shovel of soil, then when the spuds are ready you tip the bag and get spuds and composted leaves
1 day ago
I thought the establishment 'cure' was to take pollen all year.
1 day ago
Weather has been had and the land is wet.

Picture of one of the best trees I have planted so far this season.
1 week ago
Found a few Alders that I can use for the wet parts of the field
2 weeks ago

Have picked out another field that I will plant
2 weeks ago
There is a route called 'the wild atlantic way' which travels up the west coast, would be one option.

Galway would be my destination of choice. Fly into dublin and get one of the direct buses that go from Dublin airport to galway city. Galway city is very small and you can walk the length of it in about 5 minutes, great city for pubs and live music. It's also a hub for tourism on the west coast, you can take day tours, which are excellent in good weather, to aran islands/cliffs of moher/connemara. All your buses are pretty small and include a lot of stuff and they all leave from the same bus station that you will arrive into from dublin airport.

If you came in the summer with good weather I would stay on the aran islands for a night or two, serious session.

From Galway you could then head to kerry, The ring of Kerry is really nice.

Don't waste time in dublin, it's just like any other city, boring .
3 weeks ago


Still a bit early/mild to go at the oak trees but I have started planting out fruit trees that I have in grow bags.

4 weeks ago
I have dug up and planted out thousands of oak trees over the last 7/8 years and find that as long as you get a decent football you don't have to be too careful.

The key is pruning hard once you have replanted it to enable the roots to develope before the huge demand comes from all the new leaves.

Bigger the tree= harder the prune

I can only comment on Oaks/crab apple/plums/pears/cherry.