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Morfydd St. Clair wrote:Ceanothus will make a lovely blue hedge, and it comes in any hue from sky blue to deep indigo.  In theory you can make a tea substitute from the leaves.  I like the yellow of my cornus mas (cornelian cherry) which yields tasty cherry-like berries, but it blooms really early.  One of my trees bears yellow fruit, not red, so if you get that + a late-blooming ceanothus you might even get the two colors at the same time.

Edited:  Whoops, missed that you were looking for full-sized trees.  Neither of the above will get much above 2 meters tall, sorry!

All I need is to protect them from grazing sheep, so no low branches.

But I can always wire of a strip if I can find some nice bushes.

1 month ago
I'm wondering would I be better off finding some large bushes that have blue flowers and pruning them into a single 'tree' shape with a post for support.
1 month ago
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

The field would be grazed by sheep so poisonous trees are out. Perhaps a blue tree is a bit of a reach lol.

1 month ago
Hiya guys, bit of a random one.

I have some land directly opposite our football pitch and our team colours are blue and yellow I'm just wondering are there any frost hardy yellow and blue trees that I could grow.

I have grown thousands of oaks from acorns so I have no problem planting trees I'm just looking for suggestions of trees that would survive in the Irish climate.

Any suggestions appreciated
1 month ago
The pit idea sounds very interesting.

I watched a few videos on YouTube of guys catching large amount off worms using electric probes that cause the worms to come to the surface.

I have one area of land, approx 15 acres and it is packed full.off enormous worms. When fixing up a ditch I couldn't believe the size and quantity.

The videos I have seen have been DIY jobs but If I could buy a divice that would cause the worms to surface I would be able to collect huge amounts.

I am also wondering do people buy/grow caterpillars? After watching the swarms which appeared on my oak trees and kale I am wondering would it be a cheap way to get some 'natural' food for chickens, just pick a handful off caterpillars every now and then and Chuck them.in.to the chickens.

I am hoping I will be able to source a legit version of the DIY electric probe
5 months ago
Hiya guys

I would like to use my garden waste to produce worms to feed to chickens.

I was thinking off using a large blue barrel, and start emptying it during the winter months when the worms stop breeding.

My question is in regards to rotating the barrel, is it a good idea to rotate the worms or best just to let them go where they want?
5 months ago
My bags of pear and apple scions got mixed up

I had them in seperate fridges but someone threw them all together and they weren't labeled  

Just wondering are they easy to tell apart? Maybe a difference in the buds? Or  the bark?

I am pretty certain that two of the bigger bags are apples but that leaves two bags to figure out.

1 year ago

Thanks so much for all the info
1 year ago
Thanks for the info

Another question

Is there an optimal time to attach my scions, should I do it at first sign of bud growth or wait for the tree to have its leaves out?

I will be attaching various apple scions to crab apples and pear scions to whitethorn/Hawthorne.

1 year ago
Hiya guys

Just a few questions on grafting.

Can I take my scions directly out of the fridge to graft or should I allow them to warm up a bit?

1 year ago