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Bryant RedHawk wrote:
Other nut trees can live in the vicinity of a Black Walnut but not fruit trees.


What about trees in Prunus? I have a spot I want to plant an Apricot but there is a young 25 ft walnut tree I need to take out. The walnuts come up everywhere in the garden and range from 5ft to 60 ft. No idea where exactly they came from since no mother tree nearby although the 60 footer has been producing nuts for a few years now

There are huge maxed out white mulberries on the property(very urban/industrial area), lots of neglected land

There are apple trees in the area too that self seed occasionally in the garden. I’ve got one growing less than a foot from the trunk of a 30 ft walnut and it’s been there for a few years now and stands about 5 ft tall. I figured it would have died or shown signs of stress by now if apples are that sensitive. Possibly the walnut is stunting the Apple seedling but so would other trees growing so close. I havnt seen walnut affect much other than you can’t so much as think about growing tomatoes; and I have always been growing food in the vicinity of Black walnuts.
I wish walnuts were toxic to bush honeysuckle and privet
2 years ago
cover crop with some floating row cover for some carrots and brassicas
3 years ago
Hi, new member here just introducing myself. Interested in trying anything to become more sustainable in life. I would say I am at the beginner level of permaculture except for my high level of plant knowledge. I want to start a homestead/market farm here but currently have no land or funds. I work seasonal positions related to land conservation, research in botany/population ecology(as a research tech, not a student), and spend the majority of the growing season as a laborer on a small organic farm. In the winter I work for the park systems deer management program. I dabble in growing native plants from seed, especially food plants and manage a series of vacant lots in Cleveland Ohio as a community garden and wildlife sanctuary.
The farm I work at has taught me much about the business of growing lettuce and broccoli but sadly there is no attention to the overall ecology of the land. The fields look neat and fertile while the woods get choked with invasives and valuable natives get weed whacked to the ground. So much gets wasted or ignored. We use a lot of plastic. And the weeds are just insane.
Anyway I am joining the forum to connect with like minded people, to learn and share information, that's all! Thanks.

3 years ago