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Recent posts by Staci Kopcha

Hello!  It has been a while since I have posted.

This RMH has been running successfully for years and one of my proudest achievements. :)  
I believe this is my 4rth year running it.  I have not fired it up yet in 2023 due to a warmer fall here in the PNW.  She will get fired up later this week.

There have been cracks developing over the years.  I have attempted to fill/patch them, but without much luck.  I knew that the cob up around the barrel was destined to crack, yet the cracks running down the front    were a surprise.  There is one on each side.  There is also a crack on the back side.
Anything to worry about?

Also in cleaning out the system this year, I noticed that the ducting pipe exiting the manifold is degrading and has holes.  Is this a concern?

Thank you!

5 months ago
Hi Eric!
 Fun to hear an update.  I know how quick time seems to pass. My final "update/review" is still pending
Can't wait to see pics and hear how things are going!
2 years ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Staci that looks totally amazing!  What a great finish.
I love your barrel tree. A great way to disguise it during the off season.

I was wondering if you could give a few tidbits of your experiences in regards to some of the things I remember you having problems with over the years and how you solved or lived with them: smoke back, plaster cracking etc. and also things you may change or recommend to others.

Sure thing, Gerry.  Might take a week or so to get it out- but will do!
3 years ago
Hi!  I don't think I ever posted a"FINISHED" pictures, so here they are!
She's going to start her third season shortly!
3 years ago

David Huang wrote:
Regarding the annual clean out of built up ash I just made a post on my blog documenting the various things I tried as I'm working to learn what will be the best way for me to do this, as well as showing pictures of how much build up I had and where it was located in the system.  It might be of interest to some here.

 Thanks for the input, David! Will look at your blog post.
Enjoy the warm sun- we have rainy grey in PNW Washington.
4 years ago
I am being smoked out!
Went to light RMH as usual and flames are coming out the feed...?? We're talking 1-2 feet straight out above feed hole.
Shoved them back into the tunnel and now smoke is bilowing out??

Is it "cold start"... hasn't been used in a few days?
4 years ago
 For Linseed coat, so I use boiled Linseed from Hardware with nasty stuff added??
4 years ago

Satamax Antone wrote:Hi Staci.

Is your cleanout under a chimney which was in use before?

Because i find your ashes a bit dark.  

 Hi Satamax,
    I will look into the other type -ash separator.  Maybe I could fix this one up to work with another vacuum...?  I should have a year to figure it out.

It was a brand new chimney.  Should ashes be lighter?  There are also flakes of black- it that early creosote build up??
If ash is too dark, would that mean incomplete burn?  Trying to learn for this year.
4 years ago