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Me and my family always having been interested in
a more sustainable way of linving, dream is becoming true. A piece of land is purchesed in Central Portugal, near Tabua. And the big vision is to regenerate it to it¡s natural state. There is not much knowledge yet but enough motivation and willingness to learn and work together. We see ourselves making it possible by working together with other people as a comunal project.
Tabua, Portugal
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Wow! I appreciate this info so much, it really is usefull for me.
I do have a lot of standing dead eucalyptus and Acacia dealbata, so I will start right away laying them on contour. Not so much stones but maybe enough to build a dry-set wall on the most eroded parts.
Would it be helpful to set bush berms on the 60º slope?
Some more details:
-In summer it can get very dry.
-On some parts the soil is Hydrophobic.
-It is now only two months after the fires and I can see already pioneers and funghi starting to come to life, in the valleys and not so much on the ridges.
-When heavy rainfalls, water comes like a river down the slope (we are almost on top of the watershed).

1 year ago
Thank you for the quick reply.
So if I understand it right I have to make it a 60 degree slope no matter what. And the I can choose between stabilizing with geotextile or with chicken wire?
1 year ago
Hi everyone,

Me and my family have bought a land of 7.5Ha in central Portugal. It has recently burned down with the big wildfires, and almost no vegetation is left and thus a lot of erosion will happen if we don't do something soon. Some part are gradual slopes an other are steeper, the thing is that in the past they made ''terraces'' to plant industrial eucalyptus all over the land, but these terraces are almost all off contour with no retention walls. Our soil is granite based and sandy, so it is not very stable and erodes easy. As it is so big it is not very viable to build retention walls all over the place, neither to  bring back natural shape of the land. So my question is if we build swales on these terraces, would that be enough to stabilize the walls? Are there any other ways to approach this situation? Most of this land will be used for forests or other native plant species.

I've uploaded a pair of pictures to give an idea of how the terraces are. (they go from 0.5m to 3m high)

I await any response with much hope!

Thomas vd laak.

1 year ago