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Check craigslist for older water solar heaters.  I picked up two panels and a tank for $300. Run a pump to push the water through the panels and back to the pond.

2 months ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:In my experience, nitrate/nitrite-free cured meats taste decidedly different. Some people are fine with that, others not. Pick your poison.

I agree. Once you stop eating nitrate/nitrites it changes the way food tastes. You have more or an appreciation of what real food tastes like when you go back to eating processed food.
2 months ago
If you can’t self process your food, then the next best step is to read the labels. Many health food stores sell bacon without nitrates/nitrites.

2 months ago

(edit: Jeez... I just realized how old this thread is. Sorry... I'm new here.)[/quote wrote:

Thanks for bringing this subject back to light. I consider myself a newbie and appreciate older topics that are still relevant today.

What an awesome set or rules. Can I use these as a building block for the future.

I also have a few question.
How do you resolve conflicts?
When someone entering the community as a new worker/citizen/partner, do you evoke a trial period? Or do you have a list of accomplishments that need to be obtained prior or during the trial period for someone to become a permanent member/partner?

I have many more questions in regards to setting up an intentional community that will come to mind as questions are answered.

2 months ago
Wonder how long it is taking them to finish this project. Looks like I will be installing temporary fencing around the pond while my pond is under construction.
11 months ago
I heard that soaking the roots in a bucket for several hours prior to planting helps. Is this a valid point?
Thank you Wendy for the work that you have given towards this project. It looks like a project that I will be doing on my farmstead.

I do have a question in regards to dealing with the government. What is the best way to approach this? Would working towards vermicompost or a modified septic tank approach?
1 year ago